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classInspired by Introductory classes of Coding and Computer science at Berkely, a young soul is driven to increase computer literacy in the African continent.  

Eric Khumalo, in his 20s, found his moment of inspiration while taking his classes at Berkely. Unlike others, he did not let his though sit for a while, and he started working to make his dream a reality for all. With dedication and commitment, he launched an academic program through which hundreds of students benefit daily. 

Currently, by offering his academic program and free educational resources on coding and programming languages, Khumalo hopes to replicate the international education model back home. He is inspired to launch schools like Standford, Northwestern, or Berkeley in the country. Whereas his goal is to increase computer literacy and equip the African community with the fundamentals of Computer Science knowledge for the upcoming challenges.

While sharing his academic journey, Eric Khumalo shared that he has always been intrigued by the world of coding and computer science, but due to the limitation of resources, he did not have many options. Despite the lack of opportunities, he did not give up on his dream of achieving higher education at a world-renowned university. His unyielding spirit and hard work let him earn a scholarship and admission to one of the world’s top universities- Berkeley, which is widely recognized for producing entrepreneurs, IT geniuses, and business professionals. 

“There is so much talent–there were so many other students who were as smart as I am but didn’t get the opportunity to come and study in the United States to get this level of exposure, so maybe I could become a bridge, and my exposure and connection could help others get jobs,” he said while expressing his needs to create an educational platform. His motivation to bring academic change in the African content let him started ‘’Emzini WeCode’’ which is currently helping more than 1000 students online in African Diaspora. 

Upon hearing the success story of Eric, his professors shared some of the valuable things related to Eric Khumalo’s educational journey. One of his professors stated, “He told me just about his journey. When he was a kid, his interests were in coding too. And I knew that he would do something great for others” His passion for learning and creating new options for others has made him more professional. 

Eric has the power of creating and problem-solving skills. This made it easier for him to go along with his journey. Not only this, he designed a computer science curriculum to bring improvement in the education sector. His vision for the betterment is exceptional. It is good for overcoming the current hurdles in Zimbabwe. With the help of creating free coding classes, there will be more opportunities for students to benefit from it. He feels great pride seeing the students taking his course and making a step forward in other careers.


Therefore, the coming year will be good for the African Continent especially, the Zimbabwe education system. With the help of such enthusiastic mentors like Eric Khumalo, things will change soon. So, the young students will have a proper free coding education. This will make their future brighter.

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