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Zamorra releases debut EP

The impact of Music

Music, rhythm, and melody are integrated into our culture and life. Even if you are someone that does not listen to Music intentionally, you will have a song or a beat that keeps repeating in your head. Music affects all of us in many different ways. Each of those ways allows you to feel in connection with the rhythms being played. Whether the tune we are thinking of has a memory linked to it or is something that our mood is in sync with. Music is extremely important, and we as a society will definitely be something else without Music.

The impact of Music inspires many people to be musicians. Amongst those people is Zamorra, a rising artist that has recently released an Extended Play Record. ‘Storms and Rainbows,’ the name of his album, clearly reflects the poet in everyone about the contents of his release. Taking inspiration from all the ups and downs in his life, he has created something that is close to his heart. Zamorra has set out to share his feelings via his lyrics and beats to everyone else.

Who is Zamorra?

Being just at the age of 22 years old, Zamorra still has a long way to go but is definitely in the eyes of everyone. He has already worked with many great people and record companies. He is a singer as well as a songwriter and was born in Lagos. Being signed with Fox Records in the past, he is more than your average emerging talent. He works closely on Afro Soul sound and is known across his country as the ‘Importanter,’ which can be loosely translated to ‘More Important.’

Storms and Rainbows – The background

Storms and Rainbows is the latest EP or Extended Play Record written and sung by Zamorra himself. This is his debut EP which has allowed him to give something new to his fans. Currently, he is not signed with any sound label, meaning that this album is made and launched independently. In an interview, Zamorra explained that his album is about the love and happiness in life. Come to think of it. It is quite beautiful how each song is a journey in itself. Zamorra explains how life is a mixture of balance and where there is a storm in life, referencing various problems in his life, how there always was a rainbow waiting at the end. The songs themselves refer to a specific part of his life. Each of which is perfect for a specific mood.

There are eight total tracks in his Extended Play Record.

  1. AIKU
  7. TABOO

These tracks are actually quite great and show why he is loved all over the nation. The album itself can be streamed on Audiomack, where it is easily available. With more than 247 thousand listens already, it is only time before the rest of the nation has heard it as well.

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