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Hollywood has always been home to hundreds of controversies. Celebrities never fail to entertain viewers no matter what time of the year. Talking about controversies and Hollywood, the Oscars is something that everyone looks onto. It has always been a dream for many celebrities to be there at academy awards and if it does not win, just be there to experience once in a lifetime experience. Even in this prestigious event, there have been incidents that went viral within seconds. From Daniel Kaluuya referring to his parents’ sex life to Eminem’s surprise performance, the Oscars have always given its viewers something to talk about afterwards.

Oscars for 2022 was a big thing after the pandemic and its restrictions. The producers of the academy awards did their best to impact the audience. Having 2 hosts, opening the Beyoncé, academy awards were planned to be something big this year and remembered under these names. Unfortunately, nothing went as per plan. The Oscars 2022 will always be remembered under the name of Will Smith and Chris rock.

The Oscar-night drama was at its peak that day. Christopher Julius Rock, or Chris Rock, is an American standup comedian who was on the stage to showcase his talent in front of the entire world on this prestigious platform, but God had something else planned for him. While cracking one of his jokes, he mentioned Jada-Pinkett smith, wife of will smith in it. He joked about Jada’s hair loss problem by referring to GI Jane, where Demi Moore shaved her head. We still don’t know whether Chris rock was aware of Jada’s medical condition. A laugh erupted from the audience, and everyone took the joke pretty well. When it was put on Jada, she had a poker face and clearly looked like she didn’t like it as much as the audience.

Listening to a joke over her wife’s medical condition, Will Smith couldn’t bare but stand up and start walking toward Chris Rock on the stage. At this point, no one was expecting what would happen moments later. Will smith walked onto the stage, stood there for a second and gave a hard slap right on the cheek of Chris rock. The entire hall went into silence, trying to sink in what had happened on live television. After getting slapped by Will Smith, Chris rock tried to turn it into a funny thing by portraying some self-deprecating humour. Will Smith went back to his seat said to Chris, “KEEP MY WIFE’S NAME OUT OF YOUR ****** MOUTH.” Rather than arguing back, Chris realized that whatever he did was utterly wrong and apologized instantly.

The whole world is shocked due to this incident. Many people support Will Smith for being a gentleman and standing up for his wife, whereas other groups are saying that violence is never the answer. Both the celebrities have apologized to each other and their fans afterwards, and things are sorted between both of them.

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