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The Nigerian Celebrity who has recently gained his fame due to spending time in the Big Brother Naija house has been in the news quite a lot. His most recent headline has been the story of his arrest in South Africa.  The BBNaija star posted to Twitter about his arrest and the events that followed. According to Cross, it was nothing more than a misunderstanding that startled him.

Who is Cross?

BBNaija star Cross

Ikechukwu Cross Okonkwo or more commonly just known as Cross, is a celebrity in Nigeria who has earned his rise to fame due to the famous Show Big Brother Naija. He is literally the talk of the town as quite a lot of people follow him on social media. His fans always want to stay updated about what he is up to, and he makes sure to post as much as he can. However, in previous interviews, he has mentioned that he does not like to use his mobile phone as much.

The event in South Africa

Cross was on his first-ever visit to South Africa for a holiday when he encountered the South African police and faced charges. The star informed the fans through his Twitter that he was apprehended by the police for travelling during the curfew. The star also clarified that he had no idea that there was a curfew in place.

The South African Government have placed certain restrictions in place as a response to reduce the impact of Coronavirus. One of the preventive measures is a curfew that limits the time during which citizens can be out of their houses. Amongst those that broke the curfew on that day was the Nigerian Star Cross. At the moment when he was apprehended by the police for breaking the curfew in place, he claimed that he was unaware of any curfew.

Upon enquiring for further details, he informed the South African Police that he was a citizen of the country and identified himself as Siyabonga. This lie, rather than cause more trouble for him, became his ticket out of the station. Following the incident, the star took straight to Twitter to notify his fans. Many news agencies picked up on the news, and many fans wanted to know a lot more about the event.

Cross in past headlines

Cross is one of those personalities that always finds himself back as the topic in discussion. One way or another, he is always being discussed by his fans or part of a controversial leak. Prior to his arrest and speedy release in South Africa, he was in the news for his nude leaks. During a discussion about the pictures that were live on Snapchat for a good amount of time and were the cause of the leak on the rest of the social media platform.

All Cross had to say in relation to the leak was that he was not familiar with the application. He does not use his mobile phone as much and hence was not aware of the feature. He kind of did not have a problem with the pictures circulating and called the entire as a mistake.

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