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The 43 years old management consultant is one of the most renowned people in Nigeria. Chukwuka Monye is currently a man that has many different jobs, with his primary position being the Managing Partner of Ciuci Consulting. Monye was born in 1979 and is the Alma mater of Oxford University and Warner University. He is a brilliant man with an ambition to do something for his country. He started his career as an Associate Branch Manager and quickly climbed the ranks of success.

Monye Chukwuka

It did not take him long to find his own consulting firm that went on to become the continent leading multinational operations management consulting firm. While at the same time, he also has a position as the Director-General of Delta Economic Summit Group. Along with this, Monye also has a seat at many Nigerian company boards. The House of Tara is an example.

With so much already occupying his life, the philanthropist and social innovator within him now have his eyes set on the presidency of Nigeria. Chukwuka Monye has shown interest in the 2023 elections and has declared himself as a candidate for the elections. However, Monye is not affiliated with any party making him an independent candidate.

Chukwuka Monye on Politics Today

Politics Today is a show on Channels Television that hosted the political aspirant Chukwuka Monye. The successful businessman was invited after he declared that he would be running for the office of the president of Nigeria. This was quite unusual, mainly due to the fact that Mr. Monye does not belong to any political party. In his interview, he answered many crucial questions, which allowed the Nigerians to get a better idea of his candidacy.

Questions that were answered by Monye

Why do you want to become president?

The interview started with the question of why the aspirant wanted to become president. He answered, “To restore the dignity of the average Nigerian.” He carried on to explain that he wished to have an opportunity to improve lives with the help of the skillset that he has. He believed that due to his experience, he was able to understand the cause of many problems in the country. Along with the fact that the solutions were simple and could be implemented to relieve people of the common problems.

What are the skillsets that you possess?

Monye started answering the question by mentioning that Political skills may not necessarily translate to having the skill sets required to run or manage a country. He carried on by mentioning the skill sets as a list, “People Skills, Stakeholder Management, Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving, and International skills.”

Monye carried on by highlighting that all these skills are those that he has been working with for a long time. He has used these skill sets to create a successful business and a successful career. While at the same time, he mentioned that political skill is not a skill set but is rather a way of life. He mentioned becoming the first black president in a foreign university as one of the first instances of being involved in politics.


It was clear from the confidence of Monye that he had his goals set on becoming the next president of Nigeria. He will be running for office as an independent candidate and has surely given the people something to think about for their choice in the 2023 Elections.

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