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The increasing internet fraud in Nigeria

Internet fraud has become one of the major worries for any Nigerian that is looking to pay online. There are many different fraudsters that are using different techniques and schemes to scam the people. This has resulted in a lot of people losing their savings while at the same time being discouraged from using internet services. Nigeria is a major player in the future of financial technology, which is why it has many departments working to eradicate online fraud and scams from the country.

There are many different scams taking place, each of which has targeted either the old or the young. Scammers often bait their targets through a promise that seems too good to be true or show a promise of quick earning. Both scenarios invade the private pocket of a victim and empty out the account or charge a certain amount on their credit card. The increase in these scams and fraud has had the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) take strict action against the scammers. Over the years, there have been many arrests with raids and sting operations carried out by the EFCC. The suspects in different cases have been punished with being sentenced to prison time and heavy fines.

EFCC arrests 13 suspected of internet fraud

The month of March saw the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in action as they carried out a successful raid and arrested 13 people that were suspects in an internet fraud scheme. The suspects were arrested from the areas of Nsukka and Emene in Enugu State.

EFCC had received verified intelligence on which the officials acted and were able to find five laptops, many mobile phones, and a silver color car. The registration number of the car was FST 823 GD and was said to be a Lexus. The information was provided by Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, who is the head of media and publicity for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. The sting operation that took place on Tuesday was extremely important as it gave a clear message of a crackdown against any fraudsters operating in the country.

120 Alleged fraudsters caught in Ibadan

After the success of a sting operation in the 2nd week of March, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has arrested over 120 suspects in yet another raid. These internet fraudsters are suspects in the investigation of internet fraud and are being questioned. The fraudsters were arrested in two separate operations. The first group consisted of 80 people that were found in Ibadan, which is the state capital, while the remaining 40 were found in Enugu State.

According to the information provided by the spokesperson of EFCC, the suspects have been arrested from many different locations. The suspects also had in their possession exotic cars, bikes, and laptops. Out of the first raid, 35 of the 80 people also had documents that were found to be incriminating. The total operations took place between 29th and 30th March and proved to be a major success.

In a statement on Wednesday provided by Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, it was made clear that the organization was working on verified intelligence. This intelligence linked the suspects with the offenses that they have been charged with. He also said that a lot of the evidence points to the conclusion that many of the people arrested had some ties to the internet fraud taking place in Nigeria.

He also added in his statement that once the investigations were completed and reached their conclusion, all the alleged fraudsters will be presented to the court, where they will be charged for their crimes. The penalty of being involved in an internet scam or fraud can be heavy fines and even time in jail, depending on the severity of the fraud being committed.

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