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What is Fintech? 

Much like many different sectors, the finance sector is also adapting rapidly to technology. FinTech or Financial Technology is one of the main industries that work closely with the entire finance sector to increase and promote the use of technology. FinTech works all over the world to make sure that there are advancements in financial technology. Most of these organizations work closely with governments and the economy, such as the banking sector.

FintechNGR is a nonprofit organization based in Nigeria that is working to develop the FinTech ecosystem. It is working with different sectors and subsectors of the government to provide innovation and advancement in financial technology. With the research showing that the entire FinTech sector will see a boom of nearly 23.41% by 2026, it is one of the closely watched sectors that is expected to see its value reach $324 billion in the next four years.

Fintech Outlook 2022

The organization aims to hold conferences and webinars that are hosted by different Fintech communities all over the world. This year FinTech Outlook 2022 will be hosted by FintechNGR and will have many keynote speakers that will be discussing many key categories of financial technology. The aim of holding these webinars is to be on the same page globally and focus on the same goals. While at the same time, each of the keynote speakers is an expert and will provide useful guidance on financial technology and its proper usage.

The keynote speakers will each be discussing an important aspect of FinTech. These speakers are:

  1. Bkebet Mesele – Senior Director VISA (Sub Saharan Africa)
  2. Dr David Isiavwe – President ISSAN-Nigeria
  3. Yinka Edu – Partner UUBO
  4. Daniel Awe – Head Africa Fintech Foundry
  5. Odunayo Eweniyi – CEO Piggyvest
  6. Premier Oiwoh – CEO NIBSS.
  7. Mitchell Elegbe – CEO Interswitch Nigeria
  8. Ade Bajomo – President FintechNGR

Startup Marketplace by FinTechNGR

Nigeria is one of the fastest-growing countries, with a lot of its youth looking to launch many startups each year. The concept of being your own boss is quite popular amongst the Nigerian population. FinTechNGR is creating ways to increase the growth of startups that are still in their early stages. Not only to support the businesses but to also help their business with financial technology.

The world is progressing fast, with businesses now targeting global clients and ending the geographical restrictions in the past. With the Startup Marketplace, any business relying on financial technology will be able to assist themselves to either free or either discounted services. This would be the perfect opportunity to progress in the early stages of the business. Luckily this is good news for many Nigerian entrepreneurs.

The future of Fintech in Nigeria

Nigeria is quickly developing many new startups as more and more youth members are looking towards being the owners of their own businesses. It is certain that with the assistance provided with FintechNGR, there will certainly be a higher probability of success for young entrepreneurs. With the many new doors of opportunities and additional support for businesses, many people are much more confident in opening their businesses. With the initiatives taken by the nonprofit organization, it is certain that we can expect many favorable outcomes in the near future.

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