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As the year 2022 is coming to an end. Many Nigerians are giving their overview on how this year could have been. Many are giving their ideas about what could have been done to counter the challenges that Nigeria is facing.

President Buhari has assured the citizens that all the country’s future is in safe hands. He says that despite the challenges the government has fared better.

The Secretary General of the Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), Dr Kunle Olajide has said that despite the odds the country needs a new federal constitution. He said

“We must begin by thanking God that our country survived despite the security challenges and youth unemployment all over the place. We must appreciate the resilience of our people, who, in spite of the challenges, still believe in the country. We must not fail to commend, to some extent, the Federal Government. It has done its best but it appears the best is not good enough for the country.”

“In 2022, our first priority should be having a new federal constitution. Everybody who believes in Nigeria and loves the country must ensure the process of having a new constitution is set in motion. The federal and the state governments must invest massively in agriculture to create employment and utilise the nation’s God-given resources for the people,”

Former Secretary-General of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) said

“My wish for 2022 is the expectation of a country where the people are socially diverse, politically active and economically empowered, all of which come with peaceful coexistence under the watch of leadership with power that is humane in spirit, moral in purpose and wise in its uses.”

“Towards this end, I expect the political leadership to come together and sublimate their energies in making Nigeria feel young again with the promise of glorious days ahead by rewiring the politics, reengineering our sense of justice, making mercy smarter, making hope strategic and daring the rest of us to follow preparatory for elections of 2023.”

Nkoyo Toyo, Former Nigerian Ambassador to Ethiopia has given his views.

“Let’s look back with the knowledge that brighter days are ahead of us. The year 2022 calls for much courage and determination as we work to find answers to many lingering national crises. Let’s remember that it is part of the spirit of our country to come together in times like this and prove that we can stand as one indivisible nation.

“It is this spirit of being greater through our diversity that has pushed our national vision that we can remain true to the ethos of being good people, working towards a great nation.”


It can be said that the past year has been tough for many Nigerians. This is because of the terror attacks and economic problems that Nigeria is facing. So many people are looking up to the leadership of Nigeria. The leadership is trying to persuade people and trying to give people hope regarding that matter. Thus, they are asking the people to look on the bright side. As there is still hope for Nigeria and its people.

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