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Fashion and Art have always been two words that go side by side. When it comes to fashion in Africa, one can clearly see the innovation and creativity of many different African designers. Fashion in Africa is widely influenced by the culture and tradition of the land. With vibrant designs, exquisite patterns and bright colours, it is one of the fastest emerging fashion industries in the world. Coming this July, the Victoria and Albert museum will be holding their Africa Fashion exhibition.

What is V&A?

V&A or known as Victoria and Albert is a museum in the UK that is known to hold amazing exhibitions that celebrate art. Africa Fashion has become the centre of attention for them as the museum plans to hold a celebration for African art and fashion. This will be the largest exhibition on this subject in the history of the United Kingdom.

African Fashion exhibition in July

It is amazing to see African fashion being promoted throughout the world, and with V&A, a lot more people will be able to learn about African fashion and what influences its design. This year the museum has planned to hold an exhibition to showcase African fashion in July. Altogether there will be up to 45 designers belonging to 20 different countries of the continent. The designers will showcase fashion from different era’s and areas of Africa. These designers will also include names such as Alphadi and Kofi Ansah, both of which will be showing their work for the first time in a London museum.

What the exhibition aims to achieve?

There are so many different objectives that this exhibition aims to achieve, bringing African fashion to the spotlight being one of the major ones. This exhibition shows that the world is paying close attention to the fashion aspects of the largest continent in the world. It is an exhibition that can celebrate different backgrounds and how each ethnicity is able to bring something new to the table.

While being interviewed, the curator of African and African Diaspora Fashion, Dr Christine Checinska, said, “Our guiding principle is the foregrounding of individual African voices and perspectives”. The self-defining art form is the perfect medium to showcase the history and culture of the continent while understanding the rich tradition and diversity.

The advantages of the exhibition

The exhibition that will be showcasing many different designers from over 20 countries will have a chance to represent their countries. The designers will be bringing their culture and tradition to the exhibition while at the same time innovating.

A huge part of modern African fashion is influenced by western fashion, which is why the exhibition will be perfect for showing the world the innovative side of traditional wear. Not only will it give a chance to people who wish to explore, but it will also give exposure to the designers behind the brilliant dresses that will be on display.

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