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fashion weekThe fashion Craze in Nigeria

Regardless of the geographical location all over the world, fashion has the capability to stun each and every one of us. The fashion shows, the catwalks, the galas, and so much more all targeted to introduce the world to the evolution of fashion is nothing less than jaw-dropping. Nigeria is crazy for fashion, and they should be, with so much talent in the country. Nigeria sees many incredible fashion shows throughout the year. Each show is targeted towards showcasing incredible talent, glamor, and beauty. Nigeria is the hub of fashion in the entire continent. With Lagos Fashion week taking place each year.

The Africa Fashion week

The Africa Fashion Week is a brilliant platform as it allows brilliant opportunities to fashion designers, models, and photographers all over Nigeria. Fashion is an important tool that can be used in multiple ways to create major impacts on societies. Fashion has the capability to bring people together as art has no boundaries. The increasing and expanding industry allows the talented to have a bright future given that they are able to get themselves the correct platform.

Most Fashion shows are targeted towards showcasing famous brands or works of famous designers. However, Ronke Ademiluyi found Africa Fashion Week Nigeria with the aim of promoting the new and young talent. The AFWN is amongst the largest to take place in Africa and is marketed as being the platform for designers that do not have large financial backings as a way to get their chance in the spotlight.

The aim of the fashion week seems to be working as it has proven to show an increase in sustainability and social change amongst the designers and the models. While at the same time allowing many of them to create careers and increase their visibility to people all over the world.

As a sum up the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria consists of: 

  1. Business of Fashion Talk
  2. Runway Shows
  3. Marketplace exhibitions

Top rising fashion icons to look out for in 2022

Due to the amazing platform, there are many different designers that showcase their work at the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria. All of them are talented and are brilliant at what they do. All really needed is a platform that can catapult their style to the eyes of the public.

Dhoney Adire and Crafts Nigeria 

A registered brand that is working to find a place in the limelight for indigenous Adire crafts and create the perfect transition for it into modern fashion. The concept by this brand is brilliant to modernize heritage and give the feel of culture in the modern fashion style.

Adire Oodua Textile Hub 

This brand is pretty unique as it is a teaching brand as much as a fashion brand. The mission statement of Adire Oodua textile Hub is to provide preservation for native textile manufacturing techniques.

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