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UK and Nigeria have joined hands to end illegal immigration. By using this method, the UK plans on removing those immigrants from Nigeria who have been present in the UK by illegal means. Those immigrants are often termed criminals. The UK has already removed 13 Nigerian Foreign nationals by deporting them through a chartered flight on 30 June.

After the flight was deported, the Nigerian citizens in Nigeria. It took off for Ghana, where it dropped off 8 illegal Ghanaian nationals as well.

There is a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the Nigerian and the British government. The main focus of the (MoU) is to improve economic ties between the two nations. The main emphasis is on controlling the illegal immigrants who are entering the UK without fair means.

On this occasion, Home Secretary Priti Patel has said, “It is an important development that the UK and Nigeria have signed an agreement to co-operate on migration issues, to tackle illegal migration and the significant threat it poses to both nations.”

The deal will mean that operational teams in both countries will share their expertise to take the fight to criminal people smugglers who are responsible for a wider range of criminality and put profit before people while undermining the security of our two countries. This landmark agreement will increase the deportation of dangerous foreign criminals to make our streets and country safer.”

This is our New Plan for Immigration being put into action.”

Sarafa Tunji Isola, who is Nigeria’s High commissioner to the UK, sat down with the Home Secretary of the UK to discuss this issue. They sat down to discuss the issue of illegal migrations.

The Home Secretary of the UK, Priti Patel, visited Ghana last year. On her two-day visit, she discussed the UK-Ghana partnership. On her trip to Ghana, she unveiled the Immigration Task Force Office. This was introduced to solve immigration issues and to end immigration-related crime.

However, the MoU signed by the UK and Nigeria will cover the following things.

  • It will boost the economic activities between both these countries.
  • It will further lead to developing a mechanism to avoid illegal immigration. It will also improve the relationship between the two countries.
  • Boost the legal form of immigration. Making it easier for those people who are travelling between the two countries legally.
  • The process of removing illegal migrants will be carried out smoothly.

It was seen that last week’s flight returned 8 foreign national offenders and 5 immigration offenders to Nigeria. It also returned about 3 foreign nationals and five immigration offenders to Ghana.

Apart from this signing of the MoU also means that the countries will be dealing with each other regarding security and defence as well. Last year the UK also signed a deal with India to counter the case of illegal migrants. The other reason for signing these agreements with other countries is to remove the cases of smuggling.


It can be seen that the UK government is taking a practical step with the help of their home office to crack down on the case of illegal immigrants. As there is ongoing inflation, and the addition of extra refugees puts a burden on the economy. The UK Home Office has decided to withdraw all the people who are living in the UK illegally.


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