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A lot of the things that we do in the world are to feel good. Whether it is to give our best at our jobs, buy a new house or give a gift. We are always looking for the feeling of satisfaction that is hidden somewhere deep within our hearts. There is not much we can tell you about your preference.

But the one thing we can tell you is that there is a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be found in any other activity. From meeting new people to sharing meals and looking at mesmerizing views to waking up to incredible fashion and amazing hospitality while all the time is knowing that an adventure awaits you.

Eastern Nigeria is one such region that is filled with places that you can visit. Just by reading about the top five places below, we are sure that the explorer inside you will get all excited. From sites that are being considered as a worthy addition to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s World Heritage Site (UNESCO) to museums that contain the rich history of the region, we have included the must-see sights of Nigeria.

The Top Five Must-Visit Places in Nigeria

Ibeno Beach

ibeno beach eastern nigeria

Perhaps the first place that you want to visit, or maybe the last. Ibeno Beach is the place for you to unwind and relax. The cool breeze of the sea combined with the gentle warmth of the sun will leave you super relaxed. It is the perfect way to get your tan and show of your summer body. You can get the best experience at this beach which is said to be the longest beach in west Africa. Clean beaches, water sports, and the thrill of high-speed boating. You can find it all here.

Ogbunike Caves

Ogbunike Caves eastern nigeria

This location is actually combined with many caves that are together known as the Ogbunike Caves. They are situated in the Ogba hills of Anambra state. The caves are popular amongst the tourists and have a rich history to them. The inner caves are 317 steps away, and tradition dictates that visitors must remove their shoes before the entrance.

National War Museum

National War Museum

Part of the tourist list for many since 1985, the museum contains many memorabilia of the Nigerian Civil War. It is a very important part of the history of the region and therefore has a lot of attention towards it. The museum houses weapons and instruments that were used during the time period of 1967-1970.

Igbo Ukwu Museum

Igbo Ukwu Museum

Museums are always an important step whenever you plan a trip to a new city. Part of the experience is to learn about history so that you connect better and bring something back with you. This museum, in particular, contains many bronze artifacts and jewelry that belong to an earlier period.

Awhum Waterfall

Awhum Waterfall

The combination of both a cave and a waterfall is, without a doubt, a mesmerizing sight for your eyes. The waterfall is extraordinary and the perfect sight to share with your loved ones. A thirty-meter drop is just what you need to truly connect with nature and its many wonders.

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