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most popular tourist attractions in nigeria

The Importance of Tourist Attractions 

Traveling is a great way to learn new things about life itself. There is so much that we have not discovered for ourselves due to the hectic day-to-day routine we have. With the increase in technology and the easy access to information, we are aware of the world out there. However, the same internet has reduced our need for adventure. Luckily, with travel made easy and the coaching, we are receiving to balance work and personal life. Many are looking to take vacations in different parts of the world. Nigeria is one of those countries that are extremely friendly towards its tourists and is always share its cultures and traditions.

Nigeria is filled with amazing places that you can visit on your trip there. These places often see a lot of tourists and are perfect for anyone who is on holiday. In the digital world of today, you can be sure to get many amazing pictures for your social media accounts here and share with the rest of the world how beautiful the country is.

 Must-visit Places in Nigeria

 The Giant Footprint of Ukhuse Oke

the giant footprint of ukhuse oke

Conisdered to be the footprint of a giant. It is a site that is considered extremely historic. If you want to question life before the average-sized humans, this is the place to start. The site is in Owan, located in the Edo state of Nigeria.

 Awhum Waterfall

awhum waterfall

When you are thinking of keeping down your mobile phone and truly becoming one with nature, you can visit the Awhum waterfall. The area is incredible as it is surrounded by many lakes and waterfalls for you to explore. Along with the magnificent wonder of nature, there is also the Awhum Monastery. The beauty that will amaze you is located in the area of Awhum, Enugu State.

 Ngwo Pine Forest

 Ngwo Pine Forest

Those brilliant pictures of your friends in dense pine forests truly grasping the real meaning of being with nature are more than enough to get you jealous. This is why when you are in Nigeria, you should definitely visit the Ngwo Pine Forest to get the perfect outdoor shoot. The pictures you get there when the sunshine escapes the little spaces in the leaves are purely perfect.

 The Tinapa Free Zone and Resort

the tinapa free zone and resort

The beauty of Calabar and your stay in the city must include a day spent at this resort. The many brilliant facilities at this resort allow for the playful child in you to have the time of their life. This is also the perfect place for you to truly enjoy your vacation as you can find many attractions in a single spot, from the nightlife where you can enjoy nightclubs and pubs to a casino where you can have a lot of fun. It is amazing, and you can truly have a great time at the entertainment strip of this brilliant resort.

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