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Top Cultural and Historical Sites in Nigeria

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Nigeria is a place filled with rich culture and history. Although history has never been on their side, the people of this region have faced war, genocides, dictatorship, and whatnot. The good thing is that now Nigeria has moved past everything, but you should never forget the roots. The struggles and sacrifices that the ancestors gave for today are still in the hearts of the Nigerian people. If you are visiting Nigeria, you should surely know about their history. To get the true essence of Nigerian culture, here are the top Cultural and Historical Sites in Nigeria you should visit.


Oduduwa Grove

Oduduwa Grove is one of the most sacred temples in Nigeria. The temple is in Ile-Ife, Osun State. This spot is well known for Oduduwa, the amazing ancestor of the Yoruba country. He was additionally an author of Ile-Ife. This city was his last resting place. You can see a sculpture of Oduduwa with the chain at this place. Every year tons of people visit the place, not only the locals but also tourists.


Emir of Kano’s Palace

Suppose you have any desire to see ancient structures and the history of Africa. The Kano Emirate is a mystical spot found in Kano State. The tradition of Emir controlled Northern Nigeria quite some time ago. His central command was situated in Kano city. Kano has old curios about old developments there before the time of the British Colonization. Emir’s Palace is one of the pieces left from this ancient civilization.


Ogbunike Caves

These mystical caves are found in Ogbunike. It’s probably the best site in Anambra State. It’s the most well-known assortment of caverns that you can never find elsewhere. The caves are spiritual and have healing powers for all the people visiting.



Tafawa Balewa Square 

Tifawa Balewa Square is one of the marvelous areas to visit if you look for historical places in Nigeria. The entire spot is in Lagos State. This mystical development was built in 1972. The pleasant entry of the squire has four lovely horses and seven red eagles. They characterize nobility and Strength. There are other monuments in the area that will take you back to when Nigeria was struggling its way through all the hardship.


The Walls of Benin

There are the walls located in Benin City. The principal thought of these walls was the protection of the Kingdom of Benin. It’s known as the biggest human-made wall per length. The starting point of this wall was in 800, and it was done distinctly in the fifteenth century. It was the best development in the country in the thirteenth century, and until now, people have visited and praised this masterpiece.

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