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Mr. Tony O. Elumelu, the founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation, has always encouraged young African entrepreneurs to work hard and make their name in the business world. He believes that the life journey is full of up and down; therefore, there is no one way to achieve success.

As per a source, the job application portal is to be opened by Tony Elumelu for African entrepreneurs on 1st January. This will allow aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspersons to realize their dreams.

A foundation(TEL) leading to empowering African entrepreneurs has chosen approximately 5000 entrepreneurs from all the fifty-four African countries for the 2021 entrepreneurship programs. From the 40,000 applications this year, the process will be held for both new and existing businesses. The criteria for selecting the beneficiary entrepreneurs depend on their business idea and vision.

The main purpose of The Tony Elumelu Foundation is to reduce poverty and unemployment in African countries. He even encouraged females to take a start and step up the game. In this regard, training programs are offered that include the detailed study of business growth, product hunting and designing, market tactics, project management, and leadership strategies, etc.

Director-General, European Commission, International Cooperation and Development, Mr. Koen Doens, in an event, stated that I had met Tony Elumelu when his foundation was in establishing mode. He recalls the discussion with Tony on establishing a platform for African entrepreneurs that supports the rising talent of the country. He further added that their ideas and thinking matched. Since then, their mutual efforts towards making the entrepreneurs have been growing stronger in providing more methods to overcome the economic conditions.

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, businesses get impacted badly. With the help of the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program, there is still a chance to deal with the financial challenges. By giving $5000 to each entrepreneur, it is believed that somehow it could help them cope with the economic crisis brought by the COVID-19 and its aftermaths, said by Ifeyinwa Ugochukwu.

Ugochukwu further added that it wouldn’t be wrong to conclude that the African entrepreneurs are improving with their business and coming up with more potential ideas with every passing year. The only need is a helping hand like TEL foundation who understands the African businesses’ complications.

The founder himself addressed fellow business leaders and raised a point to focus on the betterment of young business-minded people. He said it is already the 21ts century if we don’t realize the importance of getting out from the unemployment issue, who will take out from this cycle.

TEL has funded 15,874 entrepreneurs who have successfully made it to the business world. The ratio of training in 2021 has broken the record of 2015-2019. This journey is going stronger day by day, and in the coming years, the rise of African entrepreneurs will be observed.

To this date, The Tony Elumelu Foundation has helped thousands of entrepreneurs for starting up their businesses. They are also having all kinds of professional guidance to make the African entrepreneurs capable enough to expand on international platforms.


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