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As per the National Bureau of Statistics, in the 70 million working population, 33.3 percent of Nigerians are unemployed. The laborers in Nigeria are plenty, but the harvest is very few. This is a problem that only Nigeria is facing; according to recent reports by MSCI, 7.97 percent of graduates are unemployed in most markets. What if we tell you that you can still graduate, get suitable employment, and prosper in your career despite these gloomy facts.


Here are three tips that will help you 


  1. Always look for internships.


You might wonder how fresh graduates from wealthy and elite houses can get jobs quickly after graduation, while the poor have to wait for 2-3 years before securing the job? The answer is quite simple, Internships. It plays an essential role in your career development if you have interned before in the same field. Ideally, it is preferred that all undergraduates should never dodge the opportunity for an internship. It is challenging for kids from low-income families to do internships. Most of the Internships in Nigeria are not paid, so the kids have no support over transportation and other things. But no matter how much hard it is, you need to hustle through all of these problems and always opt for an internship. It will always help you out, as you will understand, experience, and wisdom in your profession of interest.


  1. Have a good mentor


No matter what position you are in, be it an internship or your first job, you will always need a mentor to help you through everything. A mentor is someone who is experienced and helps other people who are less experienced over a period. As it is said that it’s crucial for you to have a mentor before you start college or university, so it is even more critical for you to have a mentor before you step into the cooperative world. Having a mentor is extremely important when you are growing your career. Someone who has experience in the same field and also has been through the same road you are walking on can help you a lot in your journey. Not just that, but getting a mentor can help you acknowledge that you have boundaries and there is room for improvement. This humbleness and patience of yours will help you learn the ropes. The corporate world is nothing like school or college. You will always need someone to guide you, so having a mentor can help you in your career.


  1. Experience is always over salary.


Every fresh graduate wants to get a dream job. Let us bust the bubble for you; this is not possible. You will have opportunities in your career to work without getting paid. This might sound wired to you, but unpaid internships can do wonders for you in your journey. Many organizations look for undergraduates who are willing to work for them without any pay. If you get such an offer, never refuse it; it is always better to have experience than get paid well. Once you have a good amount of knowledge on your CV, every company will want you and offer you a good salary.




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