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Netflix Sequel, Chief Daddy 2, gets Nigerian Film Making into the spotlight.

Back in 2018 Nigerian box office saw the release of Chief Daddy. The story encompassed the family of Chief Beecroft, who fought over the wealth he left after his death. The film had many flaws but was still widely accepted as an iconic comedy-drama. The movie made over N350Million and increased the popularity of Nigerian cinema. The wide success clearly meant that sooner than later, Netflix would look to create and release the sequel to the story.

Public Reaction on Chief Daddy 2

Criticism was one of the first things that the release of Chief Daddy 2 received. Unfortunately, unlike other films where there are often mixed feelings regarding a movie, this is one of those incidents where there is mostly negative feedback. People are upset, and they just might have a valid reason to be upset. The movie was released on Netflix and was seen by many eager viewers who were waiting for the release. However, as soon as the first wave of viewers had seen the movie, they took to social media to express their views. It was clear that they were disappointed

Amongst the many viewers that were vocal about their feeling was Joyce Alao, who was quoted as saying, “It was a pointless film,” while he continued to add, “I couldn’t believe what I was watching.” The people were not only criticizing the movie, but they were also demanding that the Nigerian filmmakers should up their game. The people want better films from Nollywood, and the disappointment from Chief Daddy 2 pushed them to make this demand. It was surprising that people were joining their opinions together and asking for better films.

Was the film a commercial success?

The thing with movies and their making is that they are made to make a profit. With the success of Chief Daddy 1, people were expecting the second edition to perform better. However, it was not easy to judge the economic success of the movie is released on Netflix. The first major issue that people had was the fact that the movie was released on Netflix. The possibility of seeing the movie in the cinemas was nonexistent. This meant that the success of the movie based on box office reviews could not be determined.

It is not confirmed how well the movie performed in its economic value. The viewers streamed the movie on Netflix, which could not provide the popularity of the release itself. However, with the social media outbursts in mind, it was obvious that the people were not happy.


One of the major contributors to the disappointment was the collaborations that the movie had. The international collaboration had given hope to Nigerian viewers, and they felt let down after seeing the movie. With the criticism from many viewers and the reactions of many filmmakers in Nigeria, it is clear that the viewers will be getting much better content in the future. Nollywood enthusiasts have made it clear that not every movie will be accepted with open arms. It is not enough to not only produce movies. The Nollywood contributors will now have to create quality content in order to get the support of their viewers.

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