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Tourism Nigeria

Explore the Northern Nigerian region

Are you amongst the wise that have truly understood the countless benefits of exploring new countries? Are you a fan of traveling have always wanted to explore new cultures and traditions? Then, you must have Nigeria on your ‘To-Visit list.’ A country with such a rich history filled with developments is something that is worth a visit. What is more amazing about the northern Nigeria region is that everything is just the way it was. The historic sites are well preserved and offer the education lessons of a lifetime. Some of the sites really make you wonder how people truly lived in the past. While many make us question that ‘how far we have really come?’.

While you continue to read the article, you will find the top sites that you should visit on your tour of Nothern, Nigeria.

Points of Interest that you should definitely visit

Yankari National Part


If you think of Africa, you most definitely think of the animals that are native to the land. Sure, you have seen a couple of lions in the zoo close to your home. But have you ever seen one in its natural habitat? Yankari National park is truly one of the most amazing spots in Nigeria. It has many warm water springs that you can relax in a while, having great numbers of animals. Being an eco-destination is also the largest national park in the country.

Gurara Waterfalls


There are mixed opinions of the discovery of the waterfalls and the history of its name. However, it is a great waterfall with a lot of history. The area that contains the waterfall was worshipped by locals in the past. The locals also inform that the origination of the name was the combination of two deities. You can not find many places in the world where the belief of the locals is as strong as the people of Nigeria.

Queen Amina’s Wall

queen amina's wall

History was filled with a smart woman who portrayed that gender is in no way in relation to skills. One such example was the Queen Amina of Zaria. Northern Nigeria contains Queen Amina’s Wall in the city of Zazzau. Known for her strategies and skills as a military commander, the queen ordered the construction of the wall as a defense technique you can say that this place receives a lot of tourists the entire year around.

Kajuru Castle

kajuru castle

Every child has always had the dream of living in a castle. While you might be all grown up, there is a high probability that the wish to live in a castle is the one that is still there. Luckily in Nigeria, it is now achievable. You can rest in this castle and for sure have the experience of a lifetime.

Ancient Kano Walls

ancient kano walls

There are civilizations all over the world. These civilizations and their structures and constructions really make a man wonder. From tall walls to magnificent castles and palaces. You can find it all near the ancient Kano city walls. See the walls towers 30 feet above you. You can also visit the Emir’s palace and even the Kurmi market. Truly a site that cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world.

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