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The Africa Cup of Nations, or AFCON, is a men’s football league that consists of teams from the continent of Africa. The championship league first took place in 1957 and has since been one of the most awaited championships in the largest continent of the world.

The league consists of 24 teams that play each other in both group and knockout stages until the winner remains. However, the league was not as big when it was first launched. The first editions and even the recent editions have seen a different number of total teams taking part in the league.

However, since 2017 the number of teams to take part have been 24 that are first split into groups. As of now, the most successful team in the history of AFCON has been Egypt, with the most number of cups won.


The 33rd edition of the event is held in Cameroon and is hosting 24 different teams and is spread out across 6 different cities. The edition of the AFCON was initially set to take place in 2021. However, due to the pandemic conditions all over the world, new dates were introduced.

This only increased the hype of the event as African players from all over the world made their way back to represent their country in one of the most prestigious cups for the continent.

Format of AFCON

The league has 24 teams from the continent of Africa. Twenty-three of those teams battle it out in the qualification tournament to secure their place in the league. In this case, the host team receives automatic qualification but still takes part in the qualification tournament.

Once there are 24 teams, they are divided into 6 different groups. Each group consists of 4 teams, who follow a round-robin and play each other once. A win gives a team 3 points while a draw gives 1 point, and a loss does not provide any point to the team.

At the end of the round-robin, the top two teams from the group stages make it into the round of 16, while out of the 6 groups, the 4 highest teams also earn a spot into the round of 16.

The round of 16 is played as a single match knockout stage, with the winner moving on. This continues until the two final teams play against each other in the AFCON final.

This year all the matches will be played with TOGHU, which is the official match ball for the tournament.

AFCON in the future

The Africa Cup of Nations takes place once every two years. This allows the federation to make necessary arrangements while at the same time giving host time the time to properly accommodate the players and staff. The host nations for 2023 and 2025 are already decided. With the current AFCON underway, fans are already excited as their favorite teams go against each other to lift the cup and add to their collection.

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