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The Awaited Holy Month

Nigeria is an Islamic country. Throughout the year, people eagerly wait for the blessed month of Ramadan. For those who are not aware, Ramadan is a sacred month for all Muslims. It is a month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset and schedule their life accordingly to maximize their devoutness to the religion. This month offers the observers the chance to connect directly with God through righteous acts and selfless deeds. All over the world, acts of kindness, festivities, and happiness can be observed during the month.

When Does The Month Of Ramadan Start In Nigeria?

Nigeria observes its fasts according to the Arabic world, which means that the country will be looking toward the sky for a glimpse of the crescent moon on April 1, 2022. The Islamic months are based on the lunar calendar, which essentially means that the month starts with the first glimpse of the crescent moon. The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs or NSCIA is the organization in charge of dealing with matters pertaining to the Islamic religion. As for today, the committee created for the sighting of the moon will be looking for a glimpse immediately after sunset or Maghrib prayers.

In a recent interview with the Director of NSCIA, Zubairau Haruna quoted, “If the crescent is sighted by Muslims of impeccable character on the said evening, then His Eminence (Sultan Abubakar Saad) will declare Saturday, April 2, 2022, as the first day of Ramadan 1443 AH.

If, however, the crescent is not sighted that day, then, Sunday, April 3, 2022, automatically becomes the first of Ramadan, 1443 AH,”

What To Do If You Witness A Moon Sighting?

There are two ways in which the sighting of the moon can be confirmed. Either the moon sighting committee witnesses the moon and declares April 2, 2022, to be the first day of the holy month, or the committee can receive testimonies of civilians witnessing the sighting of the moon all over the country.

In order to make sure the civilians can easily notify the Nigerian Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs if they have witnessed the sighting of the moon, a way to communicate the message has been provided. A list of more than 30 numbers and emails has been issued by the NSCIA that can be used to communicate the sightings. The following members of the National Moon Sighting Committee can be contacted to report the crescent sighting of the month of Ramadan for the year 1443 AH.

The List Of Members Of NMSC Is As Follows:

1 – Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi


2 – Sheikh Karibullah Kabara


3 – Sheikh Habeebullah Adam Abdullahi Al-Ilory


4 – Prof. Z. I. Oboh Oseni


5 – Mal. Simwal Usman Jibrin


6 – Sheikh Salihu Yaaqub


7 – Mal. Jafar Abubakar


8 – Alh. Abdullahi Umar


9 – Prof. J.M. Kaura


10 – Dr. Bashir Aliyu Umar


11 – Muhammad Rabiu Salahudeen


12 – Sheikh Abdur Rasheed Mayaleke


13 – Dr. Ganiy I. Agbaje

8028327463, 8057752980

14 – Gafar M. Kuforiji


15 – Prof. Usman El-Nafaty


16 – Mal. Ibrahim Zubairu Salihu


17 – Dr. Usman Hayatu Dukku

0805 7041968

18 – Imam Manu Muhammad


19 – Malam Usman Mahmud


20 – Qadee Ahmad Bobboy


21 – Nurudeen Asunogie


22 – Sheikh Bala Lau

8037008805, 8052426880

23 – Sheikh Sani Yahaya Jingir


24 – Sheikh AbdurRahman Ahmad


25 – Muhammad Yaseen Qamarud-Deen


26 – Prof. Sambo Wali Junaidu


27 – Sheikh Lukman Abdallah


28 – Sheikh Sulaiman Gumi


29 – Arc. Zubairu Usman-Ugwu


30 – Alh. AbdulBariu Kareem



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