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From Tasks Youths on Skills Acquisition:


At the graduation ceremony held at Makurdi, Ortom addressed the issue of lack of employment opportunities. During the event, startup kits were distributed to motivate the participants towards skills acquisition.

To reduce the unemployment issues, the State Governor asked the young generation to focus on development programs. It is the need of the current time. Hence, it is important for Nigerian citizens to compete with the world.

Use the Resources Appropriately:

The director-general of the Industrial training fund, ITF, appreciates thinking about the future of the graduates. A society where there is more equipment and chances of growth will lead towards a successful path.

This is why the state encourages students to make the most of the available resources and participate in business development programs. Therefore the educational system of Nigeria will be improved with the right approach.

Education and Economy in Nigeria:

According to the various educational departments in the country, the Nigerian economy is somehow correlated with education. The more youngsters are educated, there will be more chances to have profitable economic conditions.

The discussion discloses and explains multiple ways to clear confusion about the methods of generating wealth. This will be the best investment of the present age which gives huge benefits to the general masses. So the information shared by the official trainers would guide the students in the long term.

However, skill acquisition programs will make the learners aware of the coming methods of boosting the economy.

Benefits Of Training:

There is no other way to solve the unemployment issues in the country. Samuel Ortom explains the advantages of training and development programs that prepare people for the upcoming challenges. However, the main purpose of conducting sessions is to take out the Nigerian people from the earning obstacles and highlight all the possible aspects.

In the near future, more than 200 students will be allowed to expand their experiences and grow professionally. This opportunity will also help them learn about earning methods. He declared that the training platforms should make the students confident of overcoming economic challenges. Further, he stated that the need is to take responsibility for the rising problems.

How to Boost Nigerian Economy:

When more people become responsible and are provided with all the possible learning options, then there are more businesses in the country. Once there is accurate knowledge and ideas to work on, it becomes easy to cope up with the arising issues economic issues.

Not only the state but citizens should participate and take full benefits of such training programs. Through active participation in such community-building practices, the unemployed and jobless Nigerian people get relief from the financial stress.


Final Words:

The actions mentioned in the ceremony would be great for boosting the company’s economy. By overcoming the expenses problems, business and the economy will flourish. So the thing is to make useful decisions today. It will help in maintaining the overall structure.

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