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One of the most populous states in Nigeria, Ogun State is one of the states that brings in a lot of revenue for the country. Since the government first started allotting larger expenditures than they had in the past, a significant amount of time has passed. In fact, there was a discussion going on all across the country regarding the reason why there is an equity-based distribution of budgets and other resources when it ought to be the same for everyone.

Budget And Resources 

The procedures used by the governor should be the only ones taken into consideration when determining how effectively those resources should be used. Recently, Governor Dapo Abiodun made the decision to pursue an alternative course of action. Because the elections are so close, many people believe that this is a risky option that should be avoided. Even though there are only five main parties running for office, the incumbent government is having trouble winning the support of the people. Even though there hasn’t been nearly enough investigation on the budget, the facts that have been uncovered so far appear to the Ogun authorities to be rather encouraging.

The Election Promises

Now this isn’t an easy task while movements like the recent ‘Vote For Nigeria’ and others are in action. What makes things even harder is the competition with new party members. Innovation economy is the new concept the Ogun state governor has been playing around with. Innovation economy is a terminology that covers everything related to foreign direct investment. If a country’s labor provides goods and services to another country, the income it earns in return is the forgein direct investment. Many foreigners also invest in some stocks in Nigeria, that investment also has a relation to the innovation economy. 

New Silicon Valley 

The governor of Ogun state has stated that he aims to make the new Silicon Valley in Nigeria. Silicon Valley are firms based in The US that offer IT services. The Bureau of Information and Communication Technology (BICT) is made responsible for many of these goals and initiatives. Abeokuta is where the authorities aik to take a start from. This is the town from where the governor has announced the innovation economy to make a capital and thrive in the future. It isn’t clear whether this initiative has been taken after enough background information, but it’s surely something the government has researched on. 

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