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The Nigerian film industry is currently doing great both locally and internationally. This isn’t sudden progress but the industry has been struggling for the past seven years. 

Apart from being widely popular among Nigerians, the movies and shows in Nollywood are now also spreading worldwide. The basic reason is the improved technology and cinematography that the industry has experienced in recent years. 

There are many universities and colleges that offer proper education in this regard as well. Other than that, many artists, actors and singers are now promoting the diversity shown in Nollywood movies. 

This diversity relates to the indigenous tribes shown in the movies. There is also much content about the vast amount of indigenous people in Nigeria and Africa overall. Singers and musicians usually like to make an aesthetic out of these stories. 

Now recently there has been a huge achievement for Nollywood that has resulted in many American English copies of a movie being sold. A movie named ‘Ijo’ is nominated out of a fairly big list which makes Nigeria proud again this year. 

“ Igo “ – The Movie

After the Nigerian female team’s success in several sports championships in 2022, now the country has started to make a name in films. ‘Igo’ was the first movie to be rated top on charts among 10 other international movies from global industries. 

These film industries include Bollywood, Movies from Japan, Hollywood, and other popular industries. The movie is shortlisted recently to be viewed at ten different film festivals all around the world! 

Also, the most intriguing part is, that these film festivals are not only in Africa but all around the world. The biggest ones include a festival in Canada, Sweden and USA other than Ghana in Africa. 

These are huge film festivals with a diverse audience and artists from all over the globe. Such exposure to Nollywood’s content can not only boost the number of people who watch Nigerian movies but do more. 

It can attract a significant amount of investment in the Nigerian film and drama industry as well. “ Igo” has a good cast with actors who were initially underrated and not seen much. 

The Cast And Crew

While this isn’t a debut of all the cast, Charles Etubiebi and Genovevah Umeh are actors rated well below what they deserve. Genovevah is a skilled actor who plays the role with utmost emotions in the movie. 

On the other hand. Charles Etubiebi also gives charm to the romantic plot of the movie “ Igo”. if Igo is one of the top-rating movies from Nollywood that’s being released around the world at a fast pace. 

Many viewers and audiences have commented positively on the movie. When the media asked them about honest reviews from a Nigerian perspective, they had even better responses. 

Some said the movie is made to represent Nigeria all around the world with an imaginative, lighthearted and soft tone. Some also said that it is the voice of ‘ Nigeria’s hearts’! 

Box Office And Investment

The movie hasn’t earned a huge amount of box office as of yet. However, many experts have said that such a boost in the industry’s market and exposure can attract investment. A tiny amount of investment can make a masterpiece that runs in the biggest film festivals. 

Now we must not be unsure as to how profitable a largescale investment in Nollywood might be.

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