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The production of a new movie demonstrating Nollywood’s expansion into a previously unexplored area of the horror genre is already under production. The Wiccan Girl is an upcoming horror movie that will soon release in movie theatres and streaming services. Nigerian-Canadian filmmakers are directing the film. 

Austin Odigie produces and directs The Wiccan Girl, with Confidence Nwogu and Adeniyi Adewole serving as executive producers. Toka McBaror, Massia Houri, Toka Okundaye, and Isoken Ibieorutomwen are the production designers of this movie. 

Producers have said, “The Wiccan Girl is a story of redemption. In this movie, a young college student gives up everything to free her friend, who has been strangely locked up in a dark cabin. However, the price of success may be too high.” 

Austin Odigie found that there aren’t many horror movies about black people in Canada and almost none in Nigeria. This is what inspired them to make the horror drama. 

The horror genre is underrepresented in our film industry. Even though this is the first film in a planned series, the time is right for a horror film. The producers believe there is a large audience for good black horror films because of the success of movies like Jordan Peele’s Us and the much-anticipated Nope. So why not fill this need? 

According to the producers, “we are a group of filmmakers from Canada and Nigeria,” one of them said. After writing the script, we started putting in Nigerian and Canadian ways of doing things. We found it easy to do, which was necessary for the movie.” 

The most significant challenge was the low budget of the movie. The vast majority of the shoot took place in Canada. Production firms in Ottawa were required to hunt for and hire the most competent crew members that they could afford during the peak of the city’s boom in the film industry. Due to the fact that Hollywood paid its crew workers twice or even three times as much as other businesses, the number of crew members that were available was very low. 

The Wiccan Girl is a showcase for the acting abilities of a number of skilled Nollywood actors and actresses, including Linda Osifo, Nosa Obaseki, and Nafisat Abdullahi, amongst others. 

They have stated firmly that “at this point, they are focusing on streaming platforms for the release,” although the producers of “The Wiccan Girl” have not ruled out the potential of a theatrical release.

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