Nigeria’s U20 World Championship Ambitions – Revival Of U-20 Athletics

Nigeria is always active with the world’s sports championships. Just days ago, many prominent sports championships leaders in the country commented on how the Nigerian men are doing less than they used to. This time the u20 has the Nigerian youth going. 

The list of the athletic feats of Nigerian women is increasing at a sharp rate. 

There is quite a list of players the country counts on. Many Nigerians follow these metrics daily, and this time too, they expect more from the female teams like the Falconets. Nigeria has made too many global championships, but the u20 hasn’t been the cup of tea yet. 

The 2022 Under-20 Starts on 1st August.

The U20 championship is a series of global sports events where the national under-20 players compete. These championships are hosted in Africa, and Cali is where they’ll happen this time. 

Colombia has started the ceremony, and by Saturday, 6th August, the tournaments will decide the final junior teams ahead. 

The U20 started with Javelin Throw at 9 in the morning, after which a series followed. The under-20 teams started Decathlon at around 10.15, and the competition was truly wild! 

Past Record Holders

Some of the champions and record holders from the under-20 teams include Chinacherem Prosper, who has nailed the Javelin throw competition at 81.2 meters. 

Moreover, Favour Ofili is also a record-holder athlete who has won three medals and made Nigeria appear on the top scoreboards! Favour won In Nairobi and is also participating this year. 

Nathaniel Ezekiel is another record holder who made the 400m hurdles and aims higher this time. He also broke the record of Henry Amike. Henry Amike was the 87′ set a record for 35 years until now in the World Athletics Championship held in Rome, Italy. 

The limelight Nigeria used to use with its Athletics was high at the time. However, it has been dropping recently. One official mentioned how crucial these medals are to the country by saying: “The exposure of athletics is key to us“.

The FIFA World Cup! 

South America hosted these U20 championships in Chile long ago in 2000 when Nigeria also took part. This time, the country appears after a long break. This is certainly something new for the other countries participating. 

While many think they’re out of practice and it would be easy to beat out, others are figuring out. Nigerian women have recently won some medals. The Falconets have recently qualified for the World Cup in the FIFA event of FIFA. 

This event was held on Wednesday and was indeed a tough one. One thing is for sure, though, Nigeria has an athletic culture, even if participation in the U20 was low after 2000. The country still holds the flag high regarding global competitions and championships. 

Let’s see what finally happens at the one-week championship while the country has its fingers crossed.

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