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The Cambridge international examinations are growing popular throughout the world. For over 30 years, CAIE has collaborated with the British council for this purpose. 

The primary reason for collaboration is to conduct exams in various world zones. These exams mostly have standardized syllabus. However, each zone gives a different paper. 

The Cambridge international examinations have divided all their member countries into 4-5 zones. Each of which gives exams in a different slot of the year. All this has been the tradition of this vast educational welfare program. 

For many years, students from every zone have gained high scores and distinctions. The highest grade in these assessments is an A asterisk, above which they list the high achievers. 

These high achievers include students who gained world distinctions. Other than that, there were zone, regional, and even provincial distinctions. 

The Government Award

In Nigeria this year, approximately 110 students gained overall distinctions. All these students were from 45 schools, some of which were elite-class high schools. Others were not-so-elite colleges. The students who gained top ranks were from O’levels, A Levels and even IGCSE. 

Every school awarded their children with not only congratulations but gifts and trophies. The award given to the topmost distinction holders was the ‘Top In The World Honour’ award. The government also rewarded the talented youth of Nigeria. 

Both parents and teachers attended the ceremony. This ceremony was after the results announcement in every high school across the country. The achievement subjects were ICT (information and communication technology), Sociology, and business studies. 

The award ceremony was a grand one with not only civilians but leaders present as well. The education commissioner for Lagos, Folasade Adefisayo, also attended the event. Adefisayo didn’t only participate actively but also talked to the media about how proud he was because of the Nigerian children. 

He said, “We are happy to be celebrating the awardee students today”. The commissioner also said the next generations would look back on this success. British council officers were also present at the ceremony for the Nigerian students. 

Student Body In Nigeria

The schools of Nigeria also received appreciation for teaching the students correctly. Not only that but also for making the right inclusion policies, so every student feels worthy enough. 

The schools surely deserve appreciation for the fact that they ensured a level of education that motivated each student. The result is that not one or two but over 110 students received the distinction from the government and Cambridge International. 

Nigeria has always had a talented student body with passion and enthusiasm. The teachers are also talented and have built new generations to hold up the nation’s flag. 


This achievement is also proof of the bright future Nigeria will have. Given the right colleges and universities, more of Nigeria’s population can make it to colleges abroad.

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