Nigerian Song “Buga” Becomes Most Googled And Shazamed Hit

The Nigerian singing industry is growing every day. And you will be surprised by how fast! Just yesterday we got to know how a singer made his very first triumph in history. Kizz Daniel is a growing artist who works with his stage name in Nigeria.

His real name is Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, born in the state of Abeokuta. Nigeria’s showbiz has been growing significantly in recent years. From singers-songwriters who grow from a single YouTube video and make it to the top charts in the nation.

We had heard of American platforms like Vevo from the start, but many self-taught artists out there reach their peak without such high-profile video partners. Kizz Daniel is one of such artists who took their profession as a passion.

He started his career around 2018 with the singles “Yeba” and “Woju”. These were a significant hit as his first attempt at publishing the songs. Many know him as the “Fly Boy”, a record the singer/songwriter found in 2017 with the start of his career.

Kizz Daniel released his song “Buga” this month, which went straight up the charts in less than 30 days! The song by Kizz and Tekno became the country’s most googled song.

Nigerians not only googled it most time but also searched it on Shazam and Apple Music the most considerable amount of times. Shazam is an app people use to search for a song just by the sound of it.

That means those who are not even fond of streaming youtube are now listening to the new hit! The singer showed much gratitude for the achievement and took to his Instagram story to thank the audience. The song also went up in the Apple Music Charts.

To be precise, he said, “I want the world”, which the fans take to be an ambitious, enthusiastic and optimistic statement. The singer is usually active on his social media, with which he also earns a good fortune.

Kizz Daniel’s net worth is N400 million. A month ago, the singer expressed his desire to sing “Buga” to the WorldCup. This dream of Kizz Daniel also came true some time ago!

Perhaps it’s the colourful video and happy-go-lucky vibe of the song that got Kizz Daniel the triumph. Some say the Instagram fame of Kizz Daniel has gotten him success. Others say it’s Tekno’s magic.

Tekno is also an old singer who has been a part of the Nigerian pop music circle for quite a while. He became popular with some of his past albums like “Old Romance”, “Mufasa”, and Afropop Groove’s song “Pana”.

Whether or not Kizz’s plans align with his music is yet to be seen, but the fans are undoubtedly excited. While hitting the top charts is hard in Nigeria in such a short period, Kizz said he saims for something higher. He wishes to go ‘international’ as per the latest statement.

Seeing a Nigerian singer performing in his native and hitting world records is undoubtedly something we don’t want to miss!

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