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An attack in Nigeria 30 miles from the capital city Katsina caused criminals to break out of jail. This situation was alarming for the security and the analysts since the jailbreak led to some detained Boko Haram fighters.

This was a big shock for the government amid prevailing security concerns. ISIS members freed the detainees, and the president’s convoy also faced a threat.

The Boko Haram members also attacked the convoy while freeing a massive number of inmates from all over West Africa. All this can fuel the already burning topic of Nigeria’s struggle with these terrorist organizations.

Since ISWA (Islamic State West Africa) has been very active in the region, ISIS has also gained a stronghold as the region struggles. People expect the war to be more threatening after more than 900 criminals are now free from the Kuje Prison.

The Kuje Prison is said to have low-medium security for detainees. In fact, most of the prisons across Nigeria are overcrowded and usually face security concerns. However, these days the alarm has been on the rise.

There are over 240 prisons all across the country. And ISIS West Africa let free more than 5000 detainees in 2021 alone. The nation already struggles with financial problems, trade agreements, literacy, infrastructure, and development. Such security concerns are something it can not afford.

This is the war where Nigeria should focus more on strengthening prison security. It should also increase the training of the security forces.

Analysts say that if the Boko Haram members keep getting freehold at this speed, it can also harm the neighboring states. It is crucial not for Nigeria or Africa but for the entire international community to be alarmed at this point.

Director Human Rights in Abuja has commented on this attack’s concerns for national security. He said that breaking into the Kuje Prison was an alarm. Moreover, successfully freeing the inmates is a very dangerous attempt. And that the government and authorities should not ignore it at any cost.

Moreover, since Kuje has many inmates, this attack can boost the confidence of the criminals. It can also give rise to further such planning and activities.

And given the security and strictness of the authorities ( if it doesn’t strengthen), there is no doubt that ISIS might be successful again. Experts have added that if cities like Abuja and Katsina are not secure, the country is not far from a huge threat.

In Abuja this year, an attack on a Catholic church threatened security. This attack on the church was initially seen as a religious fight or concern. However, when it became apparent that ISIS was behind, things turned negative for national security authorities.

The president, an ex-general in the nation’s army, also said that authorities should have controlled such an establishment of violent groups long before. The fact that they now have an in-depth knowledge of Nigeria’s prisons is unacceptable and pathetic.

However, no matter what happened in the past, the blame is now on prison security. The government’s next steps to strengthen security should now be in discussions. It must avoid a war-like situation shortly.

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