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Jaga is perhaps one of those artists that have the most contagious smiles in the entire Nigerian Music Industry. This Gospel Music Artiste is currently extremely trendy, and it might be safe to say that anyone who listens to Gospel music knows about this artist. Even though he is still fairly new in the business, he still has a lot of followers, and a lot of people are ready to pay to listen to him and his brilliant tunes.

Who is Jaga?

Salau Aliu Olayiwola, or more commonly known as Testimony Jaga, is a Nigerian Gospel Minister and Fuji Pop artist that has had a lot of success in his music genre. Amongst his many projects, he has recently launched My Evidence ft. Frank Edwards has seen a lot of success on YouTube. His career has also created a lot of demand for his music and hence his major breakthrough. Jaga is also the chief executive officer of Fuji Gospel Empire and also the founder and initiator of Street Gospel Movement – SGM. Without a doubt, Jaga is one of the most influential individuals in the Nigerian music industry.

The UK Tours

Jaga has really been popular amongst all the listeners of Gospel Music. This allowed Jaga to get the much-needed breakthrough and a tour of the UK. The tours clearly showed his popularity and portrayed how good of a performer he really is. Not only has he taken over the streets with the gospel of Christ, but he is well on his way to taking over the world as well.

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