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Ada Ameh was a famous Nigerian actress who has worked in many Nigerian TV series and dramas. Many Nigerians, specifically the ‘Nollywood’ industry, were surprised when she passed away on Sunday night.

While the news was shocking, it was also heartbreaking for many. People showed on social media how they missed the very funny and talented Ada.

Ada Ameh was born in Benue, a small state in Nigeria. However, Lagos was where she spent most of her life. She performed her debut in the movie ‘Domitila,’ which was hugely successful in 1995. Ada’s role in this movie was Anita, a strong and popular character.

Since then, she has been a part of the industry not on and off but very actively. She worked in a popular and award-winner drama, ‘The Johnsons.’ This family sitcom show became a routine of Nigerians, especially in the city of Lagos.

Ada Ameh died on Sunday night in the Delta state of Nigeria. Reports confirm that she was at a dinner with the family of an oil company toyshop owner. While the actress was at the dinner, she shared snaps on her Instagram page.

The news was more of a shock to fans because she was completely healthy and happy. Some say that there could’ve been some anxiety issues.

Emeka Rollas, a prominent member of the Nollywood industry and president of AGN, confirmed Ameh’s death. When Ada Ameh suddenly collapsed at the family’s house, people around her rushed to the hospital.

NNPC hospital was the one nearest, so there was no other option. The Nigerian National Petroleum Hospital is a well-known world-class medical centre. Therefore, death is natural and not an outcome of some medical carelessness.

Cause Of Her Death

Ada Ameh Dies at 48

More official and reliable sources like her family and friends have confirmed that her death was due to a heart attack. Some say that heart attack was the main reason. Others blame it on mental health and anxiety issues.

They also said that Ada suffered even more from mental health issues since her 14-year-old daughter died. Aladi Ameh was a small kid who had to go under surgery and could not make it out.

The surgery was part of her brain tumor treatment but ended up taking her life. This was in 2020 when the girl had been sick for quite a while. Ada was very much attached to her only child and expressed extreme grief on her death.

She said, “We practically grew up together, and I just saw my world crumble before me, and sometimes I could cry for days.”

Fans Reaction On The Sad News

When the news of Ada’s death broke, hundreds of fans stormed the comment section on her recent post. It was shocking but heartbreaking for many since Ada was an actor for two decades.

Therefore, more than just one generation loved her for her comic acting and her diverse roles in TV shows.


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