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Medical tourism is the term used to refer to the type of tourism in which people migrate to other countries for the sake of availing of its medical facilities. Sometimes people migrate from developed countries to developing ones. They do this to avoid paying more money. As they can easily avail of the same services at a cheaper rate than developing countries. Sometimes it is the opposite. People migrate from developing countries to developed countries. They do this because they couldn’t find the correct treatment for their medical illness. This isn’t good for the future of the developing countries as this leads to a loss of foreign exchange. Such is the case with Nigeria. As Nigerian’s spend N500 billion annually on Medical Tourism.

The government of Nigeria is now taking practical steps to avoid this. To counter this, the government is trying to build private hospitals. One such example is the construction of Duchess International Hospital. It is a hundred Bed hospital with state-of-the-art facilities. Hence, it was built by the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) and financed by the Bank of Industry (Bol). So it belongs to the private sector. The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, has said that this hospital would attract a lot of medical tourists to the country.

Mohammed said the hospital belongs to the private sector. It also has full support from the federal government. As the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) set up a N100 billion fund for health care which was raised to N200 billion.

Mohammed said that the construction of the new hospital will provide many opportunities to the locals. It will reverse the brain drain. Many new jobs will be readily available. It will also provide affordable health care to the people.

“Of course, facilities like Duchess International are veritable tools for job creation, in addition to attracting medical tourists from across the world.” He further added, ‘’It’s a new dawn for the health sector, and we are proud of what the Duchess and other healthcare facilities are doing in bringing about this new dawn.”

Continuing his earlier remark, he said “The essence of these financial interventions and projects in the critical healthcare sector is to fast-track the evolution of world-class healthcare facilities like this Duchess International Hospital.”

On one occasion he said, “With what we have seen here today, Nigerians can now get access to affordable and world-class treatment in whatever is ailing them in many areas.”

He added “This includes emergency medicine, women’s health, pediatric care, cardiovascular medicine, kidney dialysis, dental treatment, and eye care, among others. ”

Tokunbo Shitta-bey, is the Chief Executive officer of the hotel. Shitta-bey said that the hospital will provide high standards of facilities to its patients. He said that the hospital would provide the same facilities that are present around the world, including modern technology. Shitta-bey said that the hospital’s main aim of building this hospital was to reduce medical tourism. And The Hospital provides very affordable treatment. They only charge about N5000 for registration. The hospital is six stories. It has about sixteen departments. All these departments have modern technology available.


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