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Since Nigeria is getting ready for elections, many new controversies are taking place. Political economist Pat Utomi has claimed that the Nigerian Government spends more money on the National Assembly than on education. However, this statement is considered to be untrue. Data showed that Nigeria spent eight times more money on education than on national assembly. As of 2015, Nigeria has spent more money on education. However, the money spent is still below the requirement the United Nation wanted Nigeria to spend on education. Hence the claim made up by Utomi turned out to be untrue.

President Buhari is going to resign as president after the February 2023 elections. This is supposed to be his second term as a president. Many analysts are judging his government. The analysts are also questioning the credibility of those who want to run for the presidential campaign. Pat Utomi has made a very furious claim.

Utomi said, “Politics is service; not a profession, but today the money spent on the national assembly is greater than the money budgeted for education.”

Whether this claim is true or not, we will discuss this in this article.

Nigeria national assembly comprises two chambers. The higher senate and the lower house of representatives. The senate has 109 members whereas the lower house has 360 members. According to the Budget Office of the Federation N1.17 trillion was allocated to education. In January the finance minister Zainab Ahmed had claimed that the budget allocated to education was 1.23 trillion. However, the money allocated to the national assembly was N139 billion. This consisted of money being dedicated to two chambers. So according to the calculations the data showed that the money allocated to education was eight times more than the money spent on the National assembly.

The Education sectors get about seven percent of the total budget. The budget allocated to the national assembly is often the topic of discussion in the Nigerian political landscape. The people of the civil society often claim on the transparency of the budget being allocated to the parliaments. Still the experts say that Nigeria needs to spend more on education. Felix Onah,a professor at Godfrey Okoye University says that Nigeria spends very little money on education. She says that Nigeria spent less money than what it agreed to spend to the United Nations.

Felix Onah said “We are supposed to spend between 15% to 20% of the budget on education but what we spend now is about 7%.”

That is because UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations member states had agreed on spending 4% to 6% of their GDP on education. If Nigeria allocates twenty percent of its GDP to education. Then it makes for N3.4 trillion of its educational budget.


It can be seen that Nigeria dedicates more budget to its education rather than the national assembly. Thus, the claims made by the political analyst are untrue. Data shows that the Nigerian government spends eight times more money on education than on its assembly. However, the money that it spent on its education is still below the amount of money that was promised to the UN.

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