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What is Cervical Cancer?

There are many different forms of cancer that make the daily life and health of a human difficult. Amongst the most common types of cancer in women is Cervical Cancer. Many women face the difficulty of being diagnosed with cervical cancer. Cervical cancer means the initiation of cancer in the cervix. The cervix is the part of the body that refers to the birth canal, which is also the upper part of the womb.

Cervical cancer is a leading problem throughout the world. There are many different organizations working on finding treatment plans for this illness. In most cases, cervical cancer is caused by HPV. However, with the increase in medical technology, cervical cancer can be diagnosed in its early stages. The earlier it is detected, the easier and effective the treatment plan is.

Past history of Cervical Cancer in Nigeria

Nigeria has had many different reports of cancer in its past. However, cervical cancer has been third-ranking cancer to be reported in the country. It is also the 2nd most frequent cancer to be reported amongst women in Nigeria. Unfortunately, the past records have shown a lot of reports and patients that have died due to this disease. Regardless of the advancement in the rest of the world and how cancer is no longer the incurable disease it once was. Many countries in Africa are still seeing an increased number of deaths due to cancer simply because of a lack of resources. There are few institutions that offer compatible treatments, while most still cannot offer healthcare on a usual basis.

Cervical cancer yearly update

The recent reports of Cervical cancer in Nigeria has shown 12,075 cases that are new. Amongst those cases, there were 7,968 deaths reported annually. There are many challenges that Nigerian hospitals face when screening for different cancers. There are problems of affordability, while at the same time there are issues in the supply chain which disrupts the accessibility to quality medicines such as HPV vaccines.

Currently, Nigeria has multiple plans in motion that will allow the country and its people to have much better cancer care. While at the same time, the country is also ensuring all cancers that are preventable, and be eliminated and are treatable should be addressed to the earliest of convenience. While at the same time, there are also efforts to make such vaccines, treatments and procedures widely accessible and affordable.

Currently, FLAC or The First Lady Against Cancer is working to ensure that cancer and related diseases are addressed. The FLAC is working closely with the Federal Ministry of health and international partners to provide objectives and strategies. Together they are combating cancer like cervical cancer to ensure that the death ratio decreases while at the same time working on HPV vaccines to prevent future cancers.

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