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The Nigerian female football team has always made the nation proud. Women athletes all over the country have been performing spectacularly. Many sports officials even compare the performance of female athletes in Nigeria to male athletes. And the answer is, well, female teams have mainly performed ahead. In the recent FIFA U-20 match this year, the Falconets gave the French a solid blow during the game. The Falconets are Nigeria’s under-20 football team, and it is now among the world’s most potent teams. Female athletes also brought 12 gold medals, bronzes, and other records. The male team, on the other hand, didn’t break so many forms this year. While Javelin’s throw was something Nigeria could hope to triumph in, they missed it in 2022 as well. 

About the early season FIFA women’s matches this year, it was indeed a tough call for both teams. When interviewed right before entering the semi-finals, both teams had high hopes. The Nigerian player Mercy Idoko was the champ of the match at FIFA this year. France was playing well enough till the 55th minute. However, in the 56th minute, things changed. This was when the referee overruled a ball by the French player. After the 85th minute in this match, Nigeria was on top, and the French girls’ team could not regain position until the end. 

However, these weren’t the only achievements of the Falconets. The team brought other trophies home in 2020 as well. After beating the Senegal team with a solid 4-1, the team is preparing for the finals now. Falconets played against the Senegals in the city of Benin recently

in March. Here the team played in Group C along with other countries (France, South Korea, and Canada). 

As the Nigerian FIFA U-20 team is moving through the quarter-finals, things are pretty predictable. They expect the Japanese girl’s team as their opponents this time as Japan closes in the finals. In the 83rd minute of the last match with South Korea, the Nigerian squad defeated South Korea. Both were from group C while Canada defeated France on the other side. The score between Canada and France was undoubtedly challenging, losing 3-1 to France. 

Now with all the progress sheets right in front, Nigeria is ready to invest even more in the under-20 girls’ training. The charts have hit high in 2022, and the teams will meet next in Costa Rica. The tournaments will conclude by August 28th, a day the nation awaits!

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