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The rise of corruption

Corruption is a problem that can be seen all over the world. However, third-world countries like Nigeria see a lot of it. Corruption is something that affects the day-to-day activities of people all over the world. It disrupts the flow of the economy while at the same time promoting the ideology that everything has a price tag. 

There are few people in the government that look for their personal benefit while ignoring the long-term impact it creates on the economy of a country. In the recent Corruption Perception Index, Nigeria has seen a further drop in corruption. This acts as proof that matters have only gotten worse in recent times in Nigeria when corruption is considered. 

What is Corruption Perception Index? 

Before we understand the Corruption Perception Index or CPI, it is important that we understand what corruption is. According to the CPI, corruption is defined as “abuse of entrusted power for private gain.” CPI is annually updated by the organization known as Transparency International. 

Since its start in 1995, the company has been able to provide the index that is created through surveys and expert assessments. The index uses a method of ranking where it assigns 180 countries with a number between 1 and 100. The index issues these numbers, with 100 being free of corruption and 0 being completely corrupt. 

Current standings of Nigeria in CPI

As per the 2021 CPI issued by Transparency International in January 2022, Nigeria has gotten worse since the last index. As of points, Nigeria dropped down a point as it was scored 24 out of the total 100. When it comes to discussing global rankings, the county has managed to drop down five places in a matter of a year. Last year Nigeria was ranked 149 out of the 18 countries, but that has changed to being ranked 154 out of the 180 countries. This also makes Nigeria the second most corrupt country in West Africa. As per Transparency International, over 100 countries have made no efforts in improving corruption. 

Since the issuing of the index, there have been comments made by the Nigerian Government representatives. These spokespeople highlighted that the CPI is not an accurate portrayal of the facts. While at the same time, Lai Mohammed, the Information and Culture Minister, said that the index does not reflect the successful attempts made by the country in fighting corruption. 

The effect of CPI’21 on Nigerian Politics

The index has had a lot of effect on Nigeria’s politics mainly because President Buhari had high hopes for the index. President Muhammadu Buhari had relied on the data to show progress with his anti-corruption agenda. Actions against corruption were the focal point for his political party, and progress was essential. With the elections just a year away, the All Progressives Congress needs to show major development and improvement in order to make the elections easier for themselves.

The index has been issued, and the government has made its comments. However, only time will tell the true view of the Nigerian people.

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