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Nigeria Decides To Produce Its Own Coconuts Rather Than Importing

Nigeria imports coconuts in large amounts. Coconuts are used here as a food crop and for several other purposes like cosmetics, skincare products, and even male cosmetics.

While the fruit is so widespread in usage, it is not grown in sufficient amounts in Nigeria. Moreover, given adequate climatic conditions and availability of other prerequisites, the region can produce its Coconuts.

Reports have assured that if Nigeria supports the Coconut growth initiative, it can cut its imports by half. Currently, the country imports more than 65% of its Coconut needs.

Many officials have consistently argued about importing such a large amount of a crop that is friendly with Nigeria’s land and climate.

However, this side has been undermined because of more focus on other big productions like cocoa, tobacco, and chemical and petroleum products. One big reason for Coconut being such a broadly used raw material in Nigeria is investment.

Many businessmen viewed the Coconut-related industries as an attraction, especially during COVID. In Nigeria, Coconut was one of the few products that didn’t lose demand. Demand was not only stable throughout most of the period but also rose by around an overall 60% in 2021.

This gave investors a good sector to invest in while most of Nigeria’s economy collapsed. Now, those businessmen and investors demand subsidized rates of raw materials to grow the sector even more. If the government has to subsidize Coconut, it will cost them much.

Eventually, the only option is to make Nigeria self-sufficient with the product. The final warning to the government came when the business industry expressed concern over increasing coconut prices in recent months.

This meant a large market functioning well even during the COVID-19 pandemic was under threat. Many NGOs and government organizations are working toward the Coconut self-sufficiency initiative.

One is the National Coconut Producers, Processors, and Marketers Association of Nigeria (also known as Nacoppman). This organization has been growing quite influential recently.

Nigeria has 36 states to feed, and all those states have both demand and supply of Coconut present. Nigeria’s government has therefore started an initiative known as the COSIN, or Coconut Sufficiency in Nigeria.

The project aims to give Nigerians enough supplies and means to make their Coconut crop. By 2027, the government aims to plant around 10,000 hectares of the crop. This amount will likely meet the nation’s growing demand in the future.

Nigeria aims to not only cover local demand at this point but also export to other countries if possible. Nigeria even has a Coconut Development Authority in Lagos. This organization sends and prepares more individuals for cultivating the coconut crop.

Once cultivated, these crops can provide the nation with enough coconuts for over 10 years! While man labor is available, most workers think working for coconut labor isn’t worth it! However, the government is taking steps to increase the labor force.

At the same time, many officials argue that we shouldn’t expect too much from the government’s plan. These plans seem too far from reality due to the poor infrastructure.

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