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The Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) has outlined plans to expand maize production from 1.5 tonnes per hectare to 10 tonnes per hectare by 2025.

Yesterday, at a media conference in Abuja on reinventing agriculture in Nigeria for the future, NSIA Managing Director Uche Orji stated that the NSIA has been helping large integrated farms to increase food production in the country. 

He also mentioned that the NSIA collaborated with a Dutch organization to build an agricultural-based fund for the construction of large-scale integrated projects throughout Nigeria. 

According to Orji, Nigeria currently produces 11.6 million tonnes of maize yearly. It is anticipated that a boost of just one tonne per hectare on a national average would result in self-sufficiency and yield export revenues of over $1 billion. 

He said that the authority supported Pandagric Novum Farm’s efforts to enhance crop production, as the farm was already planning to produce six tonnes of maize per hectare. This led him to believe that the authority positively impacted the farm. However, over the following three years, they intend to increase their yield to 10 tonnes by growing improved maize types and practicing sound agricultural practices. 

Orji stated that the agency’s goal is to develop Nigeria’s agricultural sector sufficiently to ensure increased production. In addition, he mentioned that it is essential to build infrastructure for good product quality, facilitate import substitution, and serve as a driver of foreign exchange earnings. Both of these goals are stated in the statement that the agency released. 

Bruce Spain, the Managing Director of Pandagric Novum, said the company’s goal is to get more than 10 tonnes per hectare by 2025. He was talking about how the company has been rethinking the future of agriculture by improving crop yields. Spain said this goal when talking about how the company has been reviewing the future of farming.

He added, “We will more than triple our national output if we are successful in increasing the national average yield of maize from 1.5 tonnes per hectare to 3 tonnes per hectare through enhanced genetics and agricultural techniques.” In a relatively short time, Nigeria will attain food security and become a net maize exporter. 

Spain said that they want to make opening and farming more land less harmful to the environment and that they want to teach Nigerian farmers how to do this so that yields and agricultural output can start to go up. Moreover, they want to ensure that opening and farming more land doesn’t hurt the economy too much.

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