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COVID is still a looming threat and several countries have not halted efforts to make a vaccine. While many vaccines are out for testing and others are proved to be resulting ideally, risks remain. There isn’t one single dose that can ensure that the pandemic disease is washed off from the facts of the earth entirely. There are many countries carrying out mini-research projects to prepare their workforce for better outcomes. 

By workforce, we mean the team of scientists and doctors that is working on the vaccine. So far the progress on COVID-19 vaccines has been positive in south Asian and African countries, but some mishaps did occur in Europe. In England, some women experienced disturbances during pregnancy and some sugar patients were banned from taking the vaccine doses. 

However, this is also an old observation and purely relates to the eating and drinking habits of different cultures. At this point, most of the European countries are even utilizing all the benefits of the new vaccines. While all this remains a cycle, Nigeria has also been investing and there are many doctors involved in the research from this region. 

The Vaccine Program Financing

Nigeria has started a project in collaboration with the TETFund. This is also known as the Tertiary Education Trust Fund which has bore the major responsibility for the research. The project’s official name is “Accelerated Development of COVID-19 Vaccines Using Innovative Technological Approach ”, and it isn’t solely owned by the Nigerian government. 

The very first funding that the TETFund made was a huge N1,250,000,000 (over a billion naira) that resulted in significant progress and discoveries. The Vaccine Production Cluster is one team that is mainly handling the core work. Most Nigerian team members are working in this cluster and it is also one that needs the most funds. 

Recently there were also talks about cutting the costs this cluster demands. However, costs are the least of a government’s concerns when it comes to Vaccines. The very recent research of another billion has finally resulted in some promising vaccine structures.

The Research Team

That vaccine is also made with the efforts of researchers and doctors at the National Veterinary Research Institute Vom. Moreover, some other institutions from which the team is made include Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, the University of Jos, and the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research Lagos. 

The vaccine is going to launch or be finally proved in November. That is when the government also announced the final testing and stamping should take place and no delays should be expected. One reason for a rush in these operations is also that Nigeria recently faced heavy losses because of expired vaccines. 

Since the nation imports, most of their vaccines and they are single doses, the loss was high. Over a million worth of johnson COVID-19 vaccines were lost. This is the core reason Nigeria now wishes to make its own progress in pandemic science.

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