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The Nollywood industry has been growing in new genres and filming technologies recently. One of the directors in this revolution is the Nigerian-Canadian director Amao. His directorial debut is the movie Troublous Weekend which is a horror-thriller genre. Such movies are rare in Nollywood because the audience usually appreciates a light tone to enjoy the weekend. However, horror and thriller movies have also earned much box office in recent years. 

The actors in Amao’s debut are also not ones who have a good history of acting in thrillers. However, he assures us that this movie will be ‘unlike’ other Nollywood thrillers. He also assured the audience of a memorable experience, and a weekend they’ll never forget. The movie’s main cast includes Stan Nze and Anthony Monjaro. The two are award-winner actors in the rising film industry. 

Troublous Weekend is a movie based on mysterious events that a family of two faces. The couple must escape the dangers they face on a normal weekend. Olatunbosun Amao’s next project is “Blackmail,” a movie he expressed much excitement for during an interview. 

Stanley Ebuka, someone also known as Stan Nze in Nollywood, is an award-winning star Amao has cast in the movie. The actor recently won an award in 2022 for the Best Actor in the Drama category. He also won the AMVCA award previously. The AMVCA or Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice awards are one of the most popular and fair awards in Nigeria. 

The first edition was held in 2013, after which many Nigerian actors looked forward to being nominated there. Stanley Ebuka also won the movie “Rattlesnake, ” a hit in the theatres. He also contributes to the industry as a filmmaker, and thus his performance in the new horror-thriller is something audiences are excited about. Other movies where Stan Nze played a very diverse role are the 2016 movie “Just Not Married” and the 2013 thriller “Murder At Prime Suites.” 

Anthoney Monjaro is another award-winning actor the audiences follow quite a lot. His soc Monjaro’s most successful movies include “Last Flight To Abuja” from the 2012 album, “The Duplex” from the 2015 album, and “Dear Dianne.” 

His social media is also a success from where he earns a large amount of money. We don’t know yet whether the first look at the movie depicts the real horror of Troublous Weekend or is it just a fancy look. The full trailer will soon be out, so the audience can expect a good thriller to add to their list this winter. 

Some other thriller movies you can add to the list and which compete with the Troublous weekend are:  

  • Black November – 2012
  • Blood Sisters – 2022
  • Nigerian Prince – 2018
  • The Blood Covenant – 2022
  • Ile Owl – 2022
  • Voiceless – 2020
  • Dinner 3 – 2016
  • Obsession – 2022
  • XXIII – 2022
  • The Delivery Boy – 2018

These are the top 10 you can add to your list this year!

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