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Netflix announce short-film contest in sub-Saharan Africa

The popularity of Netflix

Personally, we believe that it is just not possible that someone on the face of this planet does not know about Netflix. Until and unless you are living under a rock, there is a chance that somewhere, somehow, you may have used Netflix. Regardless, for those who have no idea about what Netflix is, it is a mobile and web application that allows you to stream different national and international shows and movies. The content is available to everyone all around the world for monthly or annual subscription plans. You can get the best out of Netflix to keep yourself entertained while you wait, travel, or just want to catch up on a favorite show.

More to Netflix than streaming

Netflix is known widely and popularly for introducing the all-you-can-watch streaming idea in the industry. This makes it a pioneer for promoting new content and new directors in the industry. The team is always looking for new ways to introduce the world to amazing content by promoting new filmmakers. Currently, Netflix has launched an amazing opportunity for all amateur filmmakers with minimum experience.

Netflix has created a competition for Short Films based on African Folklore. This is the perfect way to open the roads to filmmaking to the youth of Sub-Saharan Africa. If you know someone that is interested in making movies and is in need of motivation, then you should definitely let them know of this limited-time opportunity. As you read on, you will be provided with some eligibility criteria and additional information.

You can be well prepared so that you have a good chance to win. As Netflix is known all over the world, it can be said that the winner of any competition hosted by them will have advantages. Other than recognition, it just may be that people like what they see, which will open doors for you.

Competition Theme

Netflix has set its theme for the competition ‘’African Folktales, Reimagined”. The organizers of the short filmmaking competition are looking for the best folktales and folklores that are common in the culture. Personally, we believe it is a perfect theme as it will enable the locals to explore more about their heritage and culture while at the same time coming close to the modern methods of filming. The thing about the Sub Saharan region is that it consists of various communities and countries. This allows for diversification and a lot of content that is just sitting out there waiting to be found.

Additional Details

The great thing about the competition is that it is designed specifically for people that are just starting out in the industry. You must be under the age of 35 to compete while you should have experienced between 2 to 5 years. Overall it has the perfect recipe to give upcoming filmmakers the needed exposure to excel in the industry. You can search online for additional information but make sure that you submit entries before the themed of November.

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