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National Youth Games To Select Nigerian Youth Olympians Begin In Ilorin


The importance of sports is great for the country and for the personal growth of the athletes.  It allows for competition and representation of the country on various international platforms. Ultimately this is actually a great way to earn recognition and a stable career for many. Nigeria is one of the leading countries when it comes to many different sports. It has teams for different sports and is also known internationally for track and field events. One of the largest events to take place within Nigeria is the National Youth Games.

What are the National Youth Games?

National Youth Games is an event that takes place every year to decide the leading athletes of the year. This year the state of Kwara saw the sixth edition of the event taking place in Ilorin. The event was extremely anticipated by athletes all over the nation as it was important. Many young athletes, along with their coaches, take part to showcase their efforts for the entire year. The event also serves as the platform for the national selection committee to pick a new young talent to represent the country. This year around, there were more than 3900 athletes and 431 coaches to take part in the games. The director of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development also provided additional information. The information included that almost 550+ state delegates along with 168 officials will also be part of the National Youth Games this year.

The format of this event consists of states competing against =each other for rankings. The states and their coaches select the best athletes to participate in the National Youth Games. The entire year around private competitions and selections take place to create these teams that will be in the spotlight for over 10 days.

Why are this year’s National Youth Games so important?

The hype and excitement for National Youth Games are always high. However, this year around, the stakes are higher than ever. The sixth edition of the National Youth Games is important because it will be the main platform to select the athletes that will be given the opportunity to represent the country in the Olympics. The dream platform for any athlete is within grasp at this event, and all they have to do is prove themselves to be the best in the country.

The last 2 years have been very hard for athletes all over the world. With the coronavirus and standard operating procedures imposed by many countries all over the world. Athletes have faced a lot of difficulties when it comes to practice. Not all facilities were available all year round, and many months went by when social interaction was limited to absolutely necessary. However, despite the many challenges, all the athletes are ready and geared up to take part in the sixth edition of the National Youth Games in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria. This year4, the games are under the complete guidance and observation of Bode Durotoye, who is the Director of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development.

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