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Fashion is one of the parts of society that is heavily influenced by culture, religion, and tradition. Cultural impacts and modernization bring revolution to many different types of fashion. This change and upgrade can be seen in Africa as more and more fashion designers are influenced and inspired by western fashion. African culture is heavily influenced by values pertaining to society, politics, and aesthetics. African fashion can now be seen adapting to these significant changes.

Gender-neutral fashion in Africa

African stylists and fashion designers are adapting more and more to gender-neutral clothes. Whether it is the use of traditional patterns that have always played a major role in African fashion or specific styles. The fashion is diving towards attires that can be worn by both men and women. The youth is bringing contemporary style into play that attempts to merge different gender identities.

In the past, men’s and women’s fashion had a very clear line separating the two categories. Each fashion had a strong traditional influence as the clothing was made as per gender necessities. While at the same, wearing clothing purposefully designed for the opposite gender was considered taboo, resulting in discrimination. The more upgraded mindsets plan on ending the judgmental wave from society by creating fashion intended for the use of both genders.

African Fashion is open to cultural diversity

In the not-so-distant past, tradition has always been constant and not so open to change. However, with fashion playing an important part in the lives of youth combined with western impact, African Fashion has now created departments to tackle various different cultural fashion incorporations. African traditional clothing still holds a lot of importance with regards to its style. Whether they be patterns, bright colors, or style of clothing, all of that is now incorporated into western wear. The perfect fusion of popular fashion combined with African heritage.

The future of African fashion

With the progression of time and influence from the western hemisphere on all aspects of life. There is also a major impact on fashion and on what it can do to ensure change. There is a widespread adaptation in the culture of Africa which directly influences African fashion. With fashion shows, fashion walks and culture, and fashion weeks all over the continent, all of such inspirations can easily be seen. Not only is African fashion seeing the addition of western elements, but it is also seeing the fusion of many African cultures into a single fashion article, making it one of the most revolutionized sectors in the entire world.

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