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lecteraWith the exponential growth of online courses and the increasing demand for new skills, is set to introduce a much-needed online education revolution in Nigeria.

Although Lectera is a newcomer to the Nigerian market, it has already managed to gain a reputation as an innovative and reliable e-learning platform. With the increasing demand for distance learning, it has become a great option for anyone who doesn’t have enough time to visit a brick-and-mortar school. The abundance of courses on diverse topics makes it popular with those who want to acquire new skills or switch careers.

According to the CEO Mila Semeshkina, Lectera has already helped over 180,000 people worldwide to enhance their expertise, develop new skills, build their portfolio and land their perfect dream job.

What’s interesting about Lectera is that its courses are structured, interactive, and practical. By watching short video lessons, you can understand the course material much faster than conventional learning methods. In addition to its availability of online lectures, it has an internal think tank that monitors market trends and students’ demand for a specific course. This keen eye on the content development side has enabled the company to become a global leader in offering solutions focused on improving students’ academic and professional skills.

Moreover, it partners with education providers and large corporations worldwide, such as Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. The partnership with these companies allows Lectera to deliver best-in-class training material and skills development programs for its students. Likewise, it offers many courses for free to benefit the learners. Whereas the teachers, life coaches, and lecturers can also make money out of this learning platform by offering their course, so it is a win-win platform for everyone.

Besides, offering technology and business related courses, Lectera offers various courses on marketing, economics & investing, IT & software development, lifestyle, foreign languages, health & fitness. These courses are fully interactive and available for users at any time of the day or night. Keeping the needs of accessibility and affordability of the courses, Lectera organizes its content in a way that lets users easily find the topics they are interested in.

Furthermore, the courses are offered in five languages: Russian, English, German, Hindi, and Spanish. There’s also an application for iOS and Android phones or tablets – so you don’t even need a computer to study, which is a breakthrough in the industry.

This platform’s goal is to become an indispensable part of everyone’s life and career, and make quality education available for everyone. They are currently working on a new version of the product that will include internationalization and expansion into new markets and offer courses as per the changing needs of the time.

The company’s vision is to become the most trusted e-learning brand globally. With a global reach and a diverse audience, they are well on their way to making that a reality. “There will be more free courses available because education is not about money. It is about inspiring people to believe in them and making their lives better,” – remarks Lectera’s CEO Mila Semeshkina.” She added, “Lecter is set to revolutionize e-learning in Nigeria.’’

Last but not least, to make their learning platform better and accessible, it also offers high-quality online support via social media and email. If you have any questions about the courses or need professional advice, you can always contact the customer service team.

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