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Afrobeats is quite a popular genre in the world today. This music grew from the smallest parts of Africa and made it to the top charts with the help of consistent artists in Africa. If you’re a fan of the afro-record updates, you might want to hear this out. 

The popular and very ambitious afro or, more specifically, Ghanaian singer King Promise has been a top choice these days. His new album talks of Africa and Africans worldwide with a touch of hip-hop and pop on the side. 

African music started growing popular in the early 2018s after the blend of afro and hip hop became more of a culture. Not only that, but rap is also a key part of Ghana and Nigeria’s music today. 

While King Promise is just one of the many singers and songwriters making African music grow each day, his efforts count more. 

He has always been passionate about his dream of making top music and hitting the charts. Even since his 2018 albums, King’s style has been rich and diverse. 

King’s Style Of Music

King Promise was a fan of using indigenous languages in his songs to represent Africa’s cultural diversity and uniqueness. However, perhaps that limited his audience in some manner, so the songwriter has taken a different approach in the recent album “5 Star“. 

The singer has made a blend of global languages this time, and the lyrics are more understandable for the audience worldwide. In the past, King’s songs have also had a touch of Opera with the Afrobeat vibe. 

Some of the Ghanaian singer’s most popular songs up until now include ” Sisa” (Sisa),” CCTV ” (As Promised), Oh yeah, Tokyo, and Selfish. One main reason for the singer’s popularity is that Legacy Life Entertainment Record Label signed him up. An organization whose CEO is Joseph Kwami. 

The Recent Album And Critics

Moving on, the recent album of the singer, i.e., 5 Star, is something on the rise. So let’s talk a bit about the songs in it. Some of the most searched songs are ‘Do Not Disturb‘, ”Slow Down“, ” Ginger“, and ‘How Dare You‘. 

His song with Patorangking, ‘ CHOPLIFE,’ has a catchy and vibey video showing nightlife for the local fans. The language of the song is more indigenous and thus makes the song rich in culture. 

One emotional and sentimental song of the album is ‘Run To You‘, where King talks of the running in life and how he wants life to take him far and beyond. 

However, he also talks of how his heart will always be home and nowhere else. Perhaps the singer is talking about his homeland Africa, or someone (we can’t say). 

The Fan’s Reactions

Many artists across the country have analyzed his album and commented on most of his video songs. Many loved the sensitive rhythms in ‘Run To You’ and admired how King Promise is perfect at switching. 

The fans said he is perfect at switching from one music and branch of best to the very opposite with almost new and fresh vocals!

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