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Eclectic Chique launched the latest loungewear collection named “Iranti” on 1st March 2021. Teni Majekodunmi, the founder, said that it is to pay tribute to a dear loved one. All the printed collection is so colorful and vibrant. It keeps the balance of classical African culture and modernism.

More About New Collection:

The production takes place in Nigeria. Brand choose the name of the new collection because of its meaning. In the Yoruba language, Iranti means “memory” (pronounced as ee – ron – tee), showing the true purpose of launching branded accessories and amazing clothing.

The name of loungewear explains a lot about the idea and strong connection with her grandmother, Mamman. So, the decision of creating these designs was very clear and defined. The reason for choosing the pastel palette print is to design loungewear exactly like the grandmother’s famous scotch eggs.

From design to quality, everything is up to the standard. Besides the chic clothing pieces, the brand also introduced headscarves, hair bands, turbans, etc. It is to provide variety to the customers under one roof. Also, carry the loungewear with these accessories to enhance the final look.

All those nostalgic memories were still in her mind. Creating and designing the versatile new collection according to the reminiscing thoughts is something very dear to her. Therefore, working on all the ideas in mind and structuring them practically. This was the initial mission and vision of Teni Majekodunmi.

Pandemic and Retail Industry:

COVID-19 disturbed the economic condition around the world in the last few years. During this time, the founder concentrated on the important aspects and strategies of the brand. Hard work, commitment, and efforts tell about her passion as she wants to keep those childhood memories alive. In addition to that, also prepare different plans to face the upcoming challenges.

Majekodunm further added, “The prints were lovingly created and perfected not only to honor my Mamman but to inspire others. We like to think of Iranti as wearable art, with the goal of creating jobs through design,” Her venture opens opportunities to different people. According to her statement, she is also very concerned about unemployment.

For the Love of Art:

The love of art shows in every piece. Iranti will take you to the old memories and culture which still smell fresh with the latest cuts, prints, and fashionable accessories. It is kind of a dream come true for Teni Majekodunmi. Her wish to give tribute to her grandmother is fulfilled just as she wanted and planned.

All colors and designs are so balanced with a minimal approach to keep it simple and trendy. It would be a great addition to the wardrobe. The launched collection can be worn at any day or night party, small event, or meetups. Take a survey of the Instagram page @eclecticchique to check the latest collection. Also, you can email at for further assistance and inquiry.

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