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In Nigeria the security condition is very alarming. Towards the south-east, a Biafran secessionist group has caused unrest. Towards the north-east there are Islamist militant groups who have caused insurgency for more than a decade. While towards the north west the kidnappings are very common. All this had disrupted the peace in Nigeria. Nigerians can no longer live peacefully. As per the reports, the government is said to have no control on the situation. The analysts are requesting to stop the name calling and pay more attention to such issues.

Last week a pregnant woman and her four children were shot to death as they were going back to their home from their relatives. Likewise, seven people died in Anambra state as a result of the violence. The mutilated bodies of a lawmaker and his aide were also discovered. This shows that no one is safe from the violence. Towards the south east an ethic group wants to break away from Nigeria. They are called Indigenous People of Biafra , IPOB. The IPOB had been accused of causing unrest in the state. However, IPOB denies these claims. They claimed that they want to achieve independence through peaceful means.

The separatist movement IPOB was founded in 1967. This led to a civil war that went on for three years and as a final result more than a million people were killed. Amnesty International stated that Nigerian forces had killed 115 people in the south east, while arresting and torturing many. In response to the actions committed by the government, the IPOB had carried out several attacks and they have killed many security officials. They have also killed civilians as well. In addition, they have attacked several jails to let their people escape from the jails. At times, militants take over the markets and use WhatsApp to spread fear among the masses.

IPOB leader Kanu who is a British citizen is in jail and is being tried for terrorism. His family wants him to be set free. As, he was arrested in Kenya and brought back to Nigeria to face the charges he had against him. IPOB asks for Kanu to be released.

Kanu got famous in 2015. That was because of his radio broadcasts. He carried out the broadcast from the comfort of his own home. At that time IPOB protests were at their peak in south-east Nigeria. Kanu personally doesn’t like Buhari’s government as Buhari was a major during the civil war and is accused of carrying out extra judicial killings.

As during the civil war, the IPOB was unable to create their own state. However, many people were killed during the civil war. The event has been termed as one of the darkest periods of Nigerian history.

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