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Who is Uchenna Mofunanya:

Uchenna MofunanyaA fitness freak, Uchenna is a chemistry graduate and also a diploma holder in pharmacy, she is A UK-certified nutrition coach who focuses on providing health tips, weight loss ideas, and diet plans, in a recent event that stated that she’s proud to advocate against body shaming.

Her kind and compassionate nature made her guide a lot of people regarding staying fit and healthy. At first, it was her hobby, but gradually she started receiving tons of positive feedback from people. Therefore, the encouragement from others has turned her passion into a business. Uchenna shared her story when she was asked how Shape Up was started. In a friendly tone, she continued, “Now, you know how ShapeUp came into existence.”

She further added that ‘’Mrs. Murphy and I worked together to educate people as much as possible, day and night.” Her passion for attending various workshops to receive nutrition certifications improved her existing knowledge.

She remarked that dealing with professional struggles and maintaining a personal life with family was never easy. But after seeing the women stepping up their game because of our venture and guidance built her confidence and gave her strength to continue fighting against body shaming. The kind of love and compliments she received from the women boosted her energy levels and kept her performing well.

Her Career Achievements:

The female volleyball and basketball captain encourages women to participate in outdoor activities. For her, health should be the priority. She has the vision to spread awareness about the body-shaming culture and emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Her journey as a lifestyle consultant proves how essential it is to maintain weight, be involved in physical activity, or do any sports. Also, The winner of the Maiden Edition of the three crowns fitness challenge in 2016 helped many women to regain confidence and pushed them to work on themselves. Different transformation testimonials are available to motivate women.

A versatile and enthusiastic lady has worked with different locally and internationally brands. She has participated in various functionals as a model. In 2006, because of her passion adds her name to the Silverbird organized as the most beautiful girl in Nigeria (MBGN) pageant.

Family Background:

Uchenna Mofunanya belongs to the northern part of Nigeria. Her mother is a nurse by profession. So, she learned about nutrition from early childhood by witnessing the love for healthy eating and fitness.

Being the last child, Uchenna has to fulfil the commands of elders. This taught her a sense of resposnsbility and problem-solving skills. She further explained that I got helping nature by observing my mother and her love for helping others.

Her Million Dollar Advice:

Stay happy and work for your betterment. No matter from which religion you belong, what type of body, height, or weight you have. Remember, never allow anyone to disrespect you. Just think of the coming generation and tell yourself that you will make them proud being their mother. Start implementing the learning practically and port each other.

Reason- Why She Never Give Up:

Apart from international recognition and rewards, improving people’s health and fitness is why she never thought of giving up. Even after so many challenges, she always wants to make it for all those suffering souls who are worried about their weight.

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