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Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin has compared himself to Liverpool’s Sadio Mane. He has said that he has the same potential as Liverpool’s star and he is as good as him. Allan Saint-Maximin has said that his statistics would have been good if he had better teammates. He is quite an entertainer, and he is famous for his dribbling skills amongst the fans. Thus, he has said that he has no reason to be jealous of the Liverpool star. He has received quite a mixed amount of criticism from the people because he had mentioned his own teammates in a negative manner. He also compared himself to Michael Jordan.

Allan Saint-Maximin has said, “Those who have played with me know very well that in terms of pure quality, I have nothing to envy from Sadio Mane.

He Added, “The day when I have a player capable of finishing the actions (assists), I will have seasons with 10-15 assists, and I will change opinions in the people’s heads.

He further added, “Doing things that make an impression, changing the rules, that’s the goal. Like what Michael Jordan managed to do. Jordan, he changed some people’s lives, he gave people work, and that’s the beauty of it.

In the season, Saint-Maximin has made five goals in thirty-four appearances for his team. At the same time, Sadio Mane has scored twenty-one goals in his forty-six appearances for his team. Overall, Saint-Maximin is behind Sadio Mane by 16 goals. He has put the burden of his bad performance on his team, and he has refused to take responsibility for his own actions. Overall stats of Saint-Maximin, when compared to Sadio Mane, is another topic of conversation. As he is far behind the Liverpool star even on the international stage. Bruno Guimaraes, the Brazilian star and Saint-Maximin teammate, has 4 goals in fourteen appearances. Thus he is facing competition from his own teammate. These comments seemed very confusing when about a year ago, Saint-Maximin said that he was yet to reach the level of Sadio Mane.

Sadio Mane was the player of the tournament for the Africa cup of nations. Whereas, Saint-Maximin hasn’t even played for his country yet. Sadio Mane had won the African Cup of Nations. He reached the champions League final in 2022 and also qualified for the World Cup. Head to head comparison shows Mane to be on another level. Mane had won four domestic trophies, whereas Saint-Maximin had won zero domestic trophies. He has won one European title, whereas Saint-Maximin has won zero European titles. Mane has one international trophy, whereas Saint-Maximin has won zero international trophies. He has a hundred and nine premier league goals, whereas Saint-Maximin has twelve goals. Mane has eighty-nine international appearances, whereas Saint-Maximin has zero appearances. He has twenty-nine international goals, whereas Saint-Maximin has zero goals.

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