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The main focus of the foreign policy is to deal with the welfare, protection, and security of the people of the country. This also includes the citizens living outside the country. Foreign policy also oversees the relationship of the state with other countries. This article will discuss Nigeria’s Foreign policy with other countries. We will talk about the effect of Nigeria’s foreign policy on the region. Thus, we will also discuss the challenges faced by the country. We will also discuss some suggestions that could reshape Nigeria foreign policy.

The foreign policy tells about the standing of the country on the international stage. So there is a comparison of either country’s foreign policy. This is the show of power and dominance of a country on the international front. The foreign policy has to be set in accordance with international law. Its involvement in treaties. Most Countries set up their foreign policies keeping in mind their self-interest. For some countries, the foreign policy keeps on changing. Take America, for example. America’s foreign policies are mainly based on its self interest. America uses its foreign policy as a way to invade many countries.

President Donald Trump has said, “We’re not afraid to use the word Monroe Doctrine…It’s been the objective of American presidents going back to President Ronald Reagan to have a completely democratic hemisphere.” 

However, Nigeria’s foreign policy came largely in question during the 2010 and 2011 Arab Spring. Many Arab countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt suffered a lot. As the problems in those states also affected Nigeria. It caused a regional effect. As this resulted in the weapon transfer to the extremist group in Nigeria. If Nigeria’s Foreign policy was different then this could have been prevented.

Nigeria has also faced problems on the domestic front as it suffers from issues like unemployment, power losses, limited productivity, terrorism, and international debt. This has put a negative effect on its foreign policy. As these things affect Nigeria on a global scale. The improvement will only happen when all these issues will be solved.

There were some good developments in Nigerian foreign policy too. As the country was a part of the Multinational Joint Action Task Force (MNJATF). This involved troops from other African nations. The job of the task force was to fight terrorists from Boko Haram. In 1994 this task force was initiated. This task force is still active to this day. Nigerian troops have also been a part of UN peacekeeping missions in many African countries. Many Nigerians have also had key positions on the international stage.

Here are some suggestions that could improve the foreign policy of Nigeria:

  1. The country should maintain its territorial integrity.
  2. It should improve its domestic issues.
  3. Having a warning system in place to detect threats to the country and its citizens.
  4. Good military cooperation with the global powers.
  5. Improving the country in various sectors of development.
  6. Getting A Permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council.
  7. Respecting international laws.

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