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The Nigerian Music Industry has been one of the most happening industries of the entire continent. It has been truly brilliant that when it comes to producing some of the best emerging artists, Nigeria has been topping the charts. Whether it be winning local awards or international awards, Nigerians have been the best. Whether it be winning awards or being nominated for them or even the record-breaking streaming records, Nigeria has been absolutely a showstopper. 2021 has been absolutely brilliant, which is why the Nigerian Music Industry is looking to find ways in which they can break their records this year.

Nigerian Music Industry and its plan for the current year

There are many ways in which the Nigerian Music Industry can grow further. As you read on, you can find the best ways that Nigerian artists can break records.

  1. Global Scale Collaborations

The previous year saw Nigerian artists collaborating with many international artists. These global artists provide brilliant exposure to Nigerian artists. With afrobeat in trend, there are a lot of opportunities that are up for grabs. Whether it be remixes or features, with collaborations with international artists, Nigerian musicians can expect to hold a presence on music charts.

  1. revenue through international performances

It is true that the main source of income for musicians is through concerts and festivals. Artists are paid a lot of money to perform in international concerts while at the same time they are able to increase their presence in the music industry. Fans get to listen to their favorite singers live and, in return, have a huge impact on increasing views whenever you launch something new. With African Music becoming a trend, there will definitely be new opportunities for Nigerian artists to explore.

  1. Copyright selling

Selling copyrights to your music is one of the best ways to create an impact on your audience. Many filmmakers are always on the hunt to have the next best sound for their movies. A lot of people see many movies throughout the year, which is why being associated with a movie may be the kick-starting point for a young musician. In its simplest form selling copyrights is just signing a piece of paper, the world knows the music is yours, and the distribution is done by the companies.

  1. Deals made by global music companies

The year 2021 saw many global music companies take an interest in the African music industry. Companies like Empire, Fireboy DML, and Warner Music Group signed different artists while even purchasing a stake in companies like Africori. This only goes to show the healthy future that the music industry has. The deals and associations with these music industries will provide a lot of exposure to artists and the resources to produce much greater work.

  1. NFTs and the Metaverse

While still being in their early stages, the Metaverse and NFTs are seeing a lot of popularity all over the world. As more and more people are introduced to technology, they are doing all they can to learn as much as possible about it. It is also certain that with these Non Fungible Tokens, artists will be able to generate a lot of revenue. The concept of owning something online is becoming extremely popular, and music artists like Daniel Benson are taking complete advantage. We may see more Nigerian artists in the future collaborate with technology and create a greater impact on the Nigerian Music Industry.

The bright future of the Nigerian Music Industry

With the many different artists creating amazing music and collaborations all over the world with organizations such as Netflix, it is certain that the Nigeria Music Industry will see a huge rise. 2022 can be the year where the Nigerians beat their own records and become even better than they were in the previous years.

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